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Sephora: Smart Liner

Whenever I get the chance to visit a branch of Sephora, I promise myself I will only buy what I cannot get here. In Europe I target Sephora’s own range which is pretty decent in its own right and enormous. In Barcelona I spied their Smart Liner which stands out for its unusual but ergonomic handle. Always on the search for a fool-proof way to apply eyeliner, I was curious by the shape and design of the ergonomic handle. Coming in at around £8 it wasn’t going to leave a dent in my pocket and I excitedly unwrapped it on

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Come fly with Heathrow

I can’t believe I’ve been back from Barcelona for nearly two weeks. I do have a very bad case of the holiday blues and am chalking up where to go for some sun next year. No doubt many of you will be jetting off somewhere in the coming months. Well if you are looking for something to get you in the mood for going away, I’ve got something to tell you. For some, the holiday begins from usually propping up the bar in the airport departure lounge (I find it bizarre how people drink before midday) but after you’ve got

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Avon Attraction: For Him and For Her

It must said Avon does fragrances very well. Their collaboration with Herve Leger on the scent Femme is my favourite and their Little Black Dress perfume is apparently very similar to Dior’s Pure Poison (according to my friend who loves both fragrances in equal measures.) With this in mind, I had nothing but high hopes for Attraction*, Avon’s latest fragrance both for him and for her. Intended to stimulate the senses and ignite desire (crumbs!) the two fragrances are designed to intertwine, not just with the scent but the way the bottles stack up together. Just to be double-sure the campaign

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