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Thera Pearl Eye-Ssential Mask

Until recently, I had never given much thought to gel eye masks but now I can’t imagine not using one since Eye-Ssential Mask* came into my life to sooth my tired eyes. The reusable mask is filled with small gel balls (or pearls) that conform to the body and can

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How to get US Products to the UK with myMallBox

Hey there! Over here! Yes, that’s right, come hither. I’m ready for 2017 and my first post is one I’m genuinely excited to share. I’ve made a pact to myself to be more restrained on make-up purchases, but I am not going to pass up an opportunity on things that

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New year, same old me

It’s 2017 – how did that happen? I really do sound like my dad when I moan how time is zooming past. Any way, happy new year, everyone! As you will have twigged, I haven’t updated the blog for a good couple of weeks and it feels great! In fact

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House of Fraser: The Cocktail Wheel

Christmas is days away and while buying presents and preparing for the big feast is on everyone’s minds, it’s often the case that drinks fall by the wayside and we just slope towards safe choices. House of Fraser has created the Cocktail Wheel featuring much-loved cocktail recipes paired with the

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New YouTube video!

I’ve been busy with work and life generally – not ashamed to admit it. However, I managed to make a new video for my YouTube channel and will have more coming. If you haven’t already seen it, join me on a day trip to the city of Chester. To get

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PS Pro Blender Sponges

Primark is soaring with its beauty range of make-up and accessories and one that’s caught my attention is its blender sponges because it’s been alleged by make-up artist Wayne Goss that these are as good as the Beautyblender. When I was in Primark recently, I spotted these sponges and dropped

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