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Babyliss’ Curl Secret with John Lewis

The latest trend seems to be to chop off your hair into a bob. Whatever. I have rocked the bob style for years (decades even) so if anyone is ahead of leading a trend, it ought to be me. Any way, I’ll leave all you ‘short hair, don’t care’ bunch to your own devices. I’m purposely growing my hair so I can do something more with it other than reach for the straighteners and it’s the longest it’s been in years. John Lewis asked me to create a couple of styles with a styling tool from Babyliss’ extensive range and

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Nutribullet Magic Bullet

So I bit the bullet (arf!) and bought a Nutribullet last year. It’s the kitchen gadget that’s whipped up the health conscious into a frothy frenzy. It’s not a juicer but better described as a super-food extractor that breaks down your food to unleash the essential nutrition from within. To put it another way, it grinds nuts, seeds, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables in seconds. No lumpy bits! A few things sold it to me: Its compact size For my small kitchen my worktop is already overcrowded with other necessary appliances and gadgets. The size of a Nutribullet means

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