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This was an eBay purchase that I made many moons ago as part of my quest to track down as many rare and hard to find OPIs as possible.

I’m really uncertain about Serenade, and can’t suss out whether the bottle has been tampered with by the seller, or whether it’s really meant to be like this. The actual bottle looks a bit knackered, and the consistency is like no other real OPI that I’ve tried – watery and weird. I’ve not really been able to find any other review of this either, so it’s something of a mystery.

Taking it on face value, it’s pretty bad. I know it hails from a sheer collection so that’s all groovy, but the colour is really bizarre. It reminds me of a watered down version of Illamasqua Load. So not really to everyone’s taste, I’d imagine.

What is really odd is despite how runny it is, Serenade seems to layer up quite reasonably. What you see here is three coats, and it was building quite well. However, it’s a very old formula and as such, smells weird, and takes a while to dry. I got bored of applying it very quickly.

Perhaps it would work as a french manicure base for someone with darker skin than I? Who knows.

Do any of you own this? Can you advise on if yours looks the same?

Confused of Berkshire

color club clashes


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A while ago, Helen blogged on Color Club’s Almost Famous.  I instantly fell in love with the bright yellow and ordered a bottle online.  I also spied another eye-popping colour – Wham! Pow!, which as its name suggests, is fitting for its neon orange colour.  Only for the brave?  Well, here’s how they both look:

Almost Famous

Wham! Pow! is an interesting one.  It’s actually a creme polish with a matte finish and as neon as those marker pens.  It looks incredibily different on this picture which I took on my phone, a more reddy orange block colour than day-glo:

Wham! Pow!

Here’s how it really looks (well, it’s the closest I can get to depicting its true appearance):

Both polishes were so easy to apply (especially Wham! Pow!) ; I didn’t experience any streaking.  I got a lot of compliments for wearing the orange one so that one is definitely eye-catching.

What do you think? Is it bravery or madness to wear these colours?