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So Scandalous

So Special’s website as it currently appears as I thought I’d heard the last of So Special, the online beauty website who debited my card for beauty products that never arrived.  It took four months and relentless emails back and forth before approaching Consumer Direct for assistance in getting my money back. I’ve written so many posts on this site that they ought to have their own category.  If you’re visiting us for the first time or don’t remember much about So Special, please allow me explain why here. Out of curiosity, I logged onto their Twitter page last week

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George at Asda: Shock

Ooh it’s been a long old while since I got the opportunity to review an Asda polish. There isn’t a store near me, you see. I must have moaned about this long and hard enough, as the other day, I was overjoyed to receive some samples of George nail varnish to keep me happy/stop my whinging (delete as appropriate). Now we all know that you can’t beat a good, classic red, so I was thrilled to try this one out. I have a dozen (and some more) of these types of shades already but they always hit the spot with

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new skincare range from bareMinerals

This month sees the arrival of bareMinerals’ new skincare range.  Leaping from the success of their famous foundation (the mantra ‘Swirl. Tap. Buff’), the natural cosmetics company have suitably created a number of skincare products, and yes, it is purely mineralised – absolutely no synthetic fragrances, artificial oils and parabens are used.  You are careful about what you put inside your body and bareMinerals believes the same ought to be applied to the outside. The complete range includes a Purifying Facial Cleanser (177ml/£15), Deep Cleansing Foam (119g/£15), Purely Nourishing Moisturizer (50ml/£27), Purely Nourishing Cream (50ml/£27), Firming Eye Treatment (15ml/£23), Pure

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