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20 Questions with Lauren Loves

Todays blogger is Lauren from Lauren Loves. As well as blogging about beauty products and trends, Lauren also has an eye for fashion. Her “crimes against fashion” segment is hilarious, and her review posts are always well considered and nicely presented. Please check her out here 1. Why did you start your blog? I started my blog as a getaway from my master’s degree and as somewhere to channel my fashion and make-up focus. I think everyone around was bored of me randomly pointing out – wow, she’s got a Proenza Schouler PS1 or whatever so I decided to put it on

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Color Club Almost Famous

What with all the recent hype surrounding Chanel’s new Mimosa polish, you’d be forgiven for thinking that nobody had ever made a yellow nail varnish before. Of course, we know that that isn’t true as yellows have been around for a long time now, but perhaps Chanel endorsing a yellow means that it’s suddenly more trendy and socially acceptable to wear one? Almost Famous is from Color Club’s Poptastic collection that came out around this time last year. As someone who doesn’t really “do” brights or neons, I am always pleasantly surprised by this collection and have been drawn to

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Ellenborough Park

Recently I spent a night at Ellenborough Park, a newly renovated spa and country hotel in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The scene was set from the route I took by car, dreamily idyllic with long, winding country lanes that lead straight to the grounds and if the weather is glorious as it was the day I went, it lights up the sheer beauty of the village the home is nestled in.  It was hard to believe two and half hours earlier, I was leaving the stress and tension of London traffic. Cheltenham is historically a spa town as well the home of the flagship race of British steeplechase horse racing,

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