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Models Own Gold Digger

*This is a reposting of one of my early blogs, only with recently updated photos* Got the Kanye West earworm yet? I have… Gold Digger is one of the first polishes I bought from Models Own, and it has to be one of the most perfect metallics ever. The whole time I was wearing this, I couldn’t help thinking that it looked as though I’d dipped my tips into a pot of molten metal. Normally I steer clear of metallics as my experience so far is that you need very perfect nails to make them look good (I am still rocking

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Zoya Neeka

When I first saw some swatches of Zoya’s Smoke & Mirrors collection, it was apparent to me that I absolutely needed Neeka. it was the stand-out shade of the release for me, and I stomped my feet and waited impatiently for it to become available on eBay. Can you see why? It’s absolutely and utterly gorgeous. I haven’t been this excited about a nail polish since oooh, I don’t know – last week? In all seriousness though, how’s this for a piece of perfection? Neeka applied in two coats and I had absolutely no cleanup to do. I’ve said it

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