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Today’s 20 Questions superstar is the fantastic Zozo of The London Lipgloss. I love her photos, attention to detail and very thorough reviews. Plus her taste in music is superb! Check out her excellent blog here

Why did you start your blog?
I started after seeing other normal girls just like you and me with a passion for beauty and fashion create these awesome blogs that were a lot more interesting to read than magazines with content about real life, and wanted to fit in myself. As an alternative girl I felt there might be something I could contribute to women similar to me that also love beauty!

How long have you been blogging for?
Around a year and a half.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
All the incredible girls I’ve met and the opportunities that come up from being able to see product launches and things that i previously may not have had access to. I love getting excited about something and writing about it in my particular style to snapping it in my bedroom. I’m absolutely addicted to the whole thing, it wouldn’t bother me if no one read my blog as i’m so addicted to writing on it that i’d carry on doing it anyway!

What frustrates you most about blogging?
Sometimes not having as much time as i’d like to complete everything I need to.

How much time a week do you spend on your blog/reading other people’s blogs?
All my time basically, every bit of spare time I have i’m reading others and writing my own!

What advice do you have for aspiring beauty bloggers?
Be honest, truthful and consider what you’re doing as a mini zine. Write coherantly and consistently and think about what could set your blog aside from others so people want to read it and continue to read it. We’ve all seen that Sigma have an affiliation program, great, but do your research and see what everyone else is doing so you don’t do too much of the same content. Don’t blog for the wrong reasons, blog because you love it.

What other hobbies/interests do you have?
I am a live music photographer and I’ve toured with anyone from Frank Turner to Biffy Clyro before, so am heading out for festival season very soon (unless this has gone live after festival season in which case i’m covered in mud!) and I live and breathe music. I run This Is Not Revolution Rock with my partner which is a small label, we’ve put out two of our own CDs so far and put on shows in London and Kingston. We also run a club night at Camden Barfly where we spin excellent tunes all night. I go to a lot of gigs supporting the local scene and do everything I can to support Frank.

How many bottles of nail varnish do you own?
Well over 100, but it’s not nearly enough. I part blame you, you are a big enabler!! Haha.

Do you set yourself a shopping budget, or do you purchase on an as-and-when basis?
Basically as and when, a budget only have that backwards effect on me where i felt like i was restricting myself and therefore would just want to shop more.

What is your favourite make-up brand, and why?
I really like Illamasqua but as of yet don’t own a huge amount of it, so for consistency it’s probably MAC because i’ve been using them for about 7 years now.

Do you ever leave the house without wearing make-up?
Yeah a lot of the time, it doesn’t really bother me all that much.

What is your favourite beauty product and why?
Arghgrhgrhgrhg! Probably MAC’s Pink Nouveau lipstick. It’s gorgeous, and seems to compliment most make-up looks that I go for. I love the shade.

What is your favourite nail varnish of all time? (yep, only one!)
I just got OPI Skull and Glossbones and so far that is my favourite, I love it!

Tell us about the best holiday you’ve ever been on
Del and I went to Switzerland with Biffy and we got to see them in a tiny venue. We stuck around afterwards for a few days and watched Oceansize on what turned out to be their last ever tour as well. Apart from it being incredibly expensive and us spending a lot of the time in the hotel or walking (free activities ftw!). It was wonderful and we had a lovely time. Even if we both blundered in eating fondue the day before we flew home – both had major cheese belly going on!

What would be your ideal day off?
Umm probably a few beauty events followed by a gig followed by some partying! Haha. One day. Actually i’m sure i’ve even done that once..

What is your favourite TV show?
24! I’m hooked on it. I never saw any and so have gone back and am watching from the start. I’m about halfway through Season 5 at the minute and it’s just so damn good. Jack Bauer is my hero.

What music do you enjoy listening to?
My favourite artists include but are not limited to Oceansize, Radiohead, Alexisonfire, Million Dead, Stagecoach, Hold Your Horse Is, Grammatics, Bloc Party, Foals, Biffy Clyro, System of a Down, Dive Dive, Ben Marwood, Chris T-T, Anison and I genuinely could go on forever. If anyones interested in a chat about music please just tweet me I’d love to chat!

What is your favourite food?
Anything. Genuinely anything. I eat pretty much everything. Apart from bananas, blerrrgh!

Where would you most like to visit in the world? (money no object)
Easily more of America. I’ve been to a few destinations in California but I’d love to see more of it including New York and like, Tennessee or something. I love the USA.

Tell us a secret…
I have a major crush on pop/opera crossover artist Josh Groban. No joke..

Thank you, Zoe! Remember, if you have a blog and would like to answer our 20 Questions, please send us an email to the usual address.

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Remember just around Easter when the weather took an immediate and very welcome turn for the better? I instantly decided that I wanted to wear this polish and quickly dug it out of my stash.

Catch Me In Your Net is not a winter shade – it screams summer at you. A gloriously vibrant turquoise foil, it sparkles and zings away the moment the light hits it. From OPI’s mini Summer Flutter collection from last year, I remember being in Selfridges with London Make-Up Girl and both of us being drawn to this like zombies. We each bought a bottle.

I had been warned by reading various other blogs that this one was a stainer. I recall the phrase “smurf fingers” being used by more than one blogger. Seriously , take this feedback on board, as its true. I ended up proceeding with caution and layering it over a light blue creme. This is two coats. Isn’t it lovely?

I know that this is a dupe for Zoya Charla (which I also have) but that doesn’t stop it from being a fantastic shade. I like OPIs foils and the way that the particles knit together. This one contains blue, green, turquoise and gold and is resolutely flashy and eyecatching.

You can see Wing It, the other polish I bought from this collection here.