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Hello everyone. Today we have the return of Sleek Saturday. The theory behind this is that you use a Sleek palette that you normally have gathering dust on the shelf, and ctate a look with it.

This week is the turn of the Sunset palette, a tricky little number that is absolutely chock-full of warm tones, terracotta shades and a totally random blue. For the sea, perhaps?

I stared at Sunset for a while before deciding on the look I wanted to create. It would have been too easy just to opt for the pale pink and champagne shades but I decided to  go for a combination of the redder shades.

I used the pinkish shade (top row, second from left) all over my lid, and then the brown shadow (bottom row, first left) as the contrast. And do you know what, I was really surprised by how well it turned out. It’s kind of a reddened twist on the traditional smokey eye and I found it to be strangely flattering.

I’m surprised at how nice this turned out (please don’t pay any attention to my hair by the way, it was Sunday and therefore a day of mess). I used the black shadow to create a smudgy line, and buffed it into the red and I think it worked really well. Any more of the red tones and I think I would have risked looking a bit sore and infectious though.

So what do you think? A smokey eye with a twist. Much as I like it, I’m not entirely sure that this is one that I am going to be reaching for on a regular basis…the rest of the shades just don’t seem compatible for my usual colour scheme.


NYX Deep Space


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What you see here is another one of the polishes I purchased at IMATS back in January. I find it somewhat alarming that IMATS 2012 is now closer than IMATS 2011 was. Where does the time go?

Anyway, NYX. I only have three of their polishes, my favourite of which is the amazing purple glitter called Fame, which you can see here. Deep Space is a strange one. I picked this up as it looked absolutely fantastic under the bright lights of the hall in Alexandra Palace. In fact, I had it in my hand and then picked up another bottle of it as it looked so good.

But unfortunately, a weird thing happened. It just didn’t look so good on the nail. Under bright lights, it’s great. A brown jelly with multicoloured holographic glitter, it should be amazing. What a recipe! But 99% of the time, it looks, well, kind of like slurry. Not really what you want on your nails, right? Disappointing. I mean, who walks round all the time with a strong electric light shining on their nails? Not me.

It’s a shame as NYX wears nicely and I love the brush. This was three coats and they were ever so easy to apply. You can see here from the closeup that actually, the indeterminate brown lumps in the photos above are actually gorgeous multi coloured glitter pieces. A great concept that didn’t work so well in practice.

Also – NYX prints in black typeface on clear labels, meaning I had to peel the label off the back of the bottle just to find out what this was called. And now the label won’t stick down again. This is bothering me. Woe.