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Inglot 344


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Here we have another of my IMATS Inglot haul from way back in January. Actually, I wore this one an eternity ago and its only just making its way to the top of the scheduled post pile. Whoops.

So, the imaginatively named 344 is a glorious orange toned red with gold microshimmer. It looks like a duochrome from the bottle, but it isn’t really.

This applied like a dream, as have all of the Inglot polishes that I have tried so far. However, once I actually had it on, I didn’t really like it.

As you can probably see from the bottle shot, this lookslike a fantastic red-hot flame, but on the nail? Not so much. Even with a shiny topcoat, this was just dull. I don’t know why – it’s not a matte polish or anything, but it just wouldn’t shine.

It’s very flattering and a good shade for me but I just don’t like how sticky it appeared to be. These photos are after a couple of days of wear and it just looks messy to me.

What a shame.


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OPI Excuse Moi!


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Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you’ve all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.

Despite the fact that we’ve had some lovely weather this week, let’s fast-forward our mids to what you might be wearing on your nails at Christmas, shall we? I’ve already shown you Designer de Better and Gone Gonzo from OPI’s Muppet collection (out later in the year) and now it’s the turn of Excuse Moi, a perfect polish for all you lovers of Miss Piggy.

Confusingly, the bottle shot of this polish that was released by OPI a little while ago shows Excuse Moi to be a lilac/magenta type shade. Well, forget about all of that, as it really isn’t. This is a very orange toned pink, not remotely purple – in short, it looks nothing like the high-res bottle shot. Not the first time this has been the case with OPI press releases.

This looks like it might have been a runner-up from the Burlesque collection of last year. It’s got all that complex glitter that some of the Burlesques contained, or to put it more bluntly, it’s completely over the top. Held in a pink jelly base is practically every colour you can think of. Blue, orange, black flecks, green, gold, silver, and (of course, what with this being a tribute to Miss Piggy), even more pink. The best (and probably worst) way I can describe this is as glitter pebbledash!

Application was fine, and despite the fact that the glitter particles are of differing sizes, there was no issue with glitter placement – it spread perfectly across the nail. This is three coats. Due to the nature of it being a thick glitter, it did chip relatively quickly and in large chunks. However, it’s so easy torepair with a quick dab that meshes in with your existing manicure that I didn’t really mind.

It’s ridiculously flashy and over the top, which might not be what you want in August, I can see this being extremely popular later in the year.

 What do you think? Will you be picking up this piggy polish?


*PR sample*

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