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I really rather like Estee Lauder nail polishes. I know the brand has a historic reputation of being a bit “old lady” but I think that they are working on this and actually the brand has come out with some rather lovely collections of late.

From the core range, Amethyst  caught my eye as I was buying something else from the counter (a lipgloss, I think). First things first, I don’t really think that it is a true amethyst shade. To me, amethyst conjurs up images of a gorgeous vibrant purple gemstone. But there we are. This isn’t amethyst coloured, but it’s still pretty cool.

Estee Lauder’s version of Amethyst sits somewhere between plum and brown, with some additional bronze flash thrown in for good measure. It’s actually a rather complex polish, whilst somehow managing to be utterly work appropriate. This took three coats to reach opacity and dried without drama thanks to Nubar’s Diamont.

I ended up keeping this on for four days. Mainly because I was having a busy old run at work, but also because as I have said before, Lauder polishes wear like iron. Seriously, the lifespan is remarkable. I didn’t have a single chip or flake, and the only reason I changed it was because I started to get some tipwear on the fourth day. However, my opinion of “unbearable tipwear” is probably more critical than most and for those of you that don’t analyse the performance of your polish at least once an hour, you’d probably get a good week out of this.

I find the colour pretty and interesting. In some lights it looks rose gold, in others it appears more bronzey brown. Not exactly a duochrome, it is certainly unique and like nothing else I own. I know I am going to be depending on this to see me through the weeks where I have back – to – back meetings at work and have no time to think about changing my polish.


OPI Kalahari Khaki


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As regular readers will know, once in a while I embark on a bit of a trophy hunting exercise. And by that, I mean sniffing out old and discontinued OPI polishes. What can I say? I like the feeling of having something that isn’t overly mainstream.

From OPI’s 1998 Painted Desert collection (nope, me either), Kalahari Khaki is the second oldest OPI in my collection. I didn’t even know I wanted it until it cropped up on eBay. A few Google image searches later and I decided that this was a polish I definitely needed.

Not only do I get that weird satisfaction of knowing I have something rare and antique in my possession (OK, it’s not exactly a Ming vase, but you know what I mean), I really think that this is a remarkable shade. Ordinarily I would expect khaki to be, you know, green, but this isn’r really. It’s more the colour of the camoflage that soldiers wear in the desert.

Almost verging into duochromaric territory, Kalahari Khaki is an almost gold / almost bronze / almost beige frosty shade, with a fantastic pink shimmer overlay. I don’t know if I managed to catch the pink effect here really but in real life it is quite evident.

Old formula OPI (aka jam packed full of chemicals) is ace. This lasted me days and days and really did wear like iron. It survived cooking several dinners, doing load after load of washing, and even some manual labour in the form of manoeuvuring our washing machine to unblock it. All that, and Kalahari Khaki still looks marvellous.

It was four or five coats to achieve opacity though, so a little on the frustrating side. However, with my Lumos topcoat (more on this soon), it was dry pretty quickly. Happy days.

I think this is going to be something of a marmite polish. I love it, I find it supermelyflattering and definitely like nothing I have ever seen before. I know some of you won’t feel the same way, but that’s ok. I’m really pleased to give this one room in my antique OPI box.