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20 Questions featuring A Beauty Junkie in London

Good morning everyone. I’m pleased to bring you today’s featured blogger, Jen aka A Beauty Junkie in London. Jen is one of the first people I ever met, at the first ever event I went to, and she is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable bloggers out there. We also started blogging at practically the same time so we’ve seen a lot of the same things over the past couple of years. If perhaps you’ve been living on Mars and aren’t already aware of Jen’s blog, then I urge you to check it out here. 1) Why did you start

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Kleenex® Skin Care

Photo: Kleenex I never thought I’d depend on Kleenex® until I developed a mild case of hay fever recently. Everyone at work now thinks sneezing and Sheenie go hand in hand.  Atishoo!  Any way the much loved brand has been wiping tears and runny noses for decades and now it boasts a new collection of products for skin care. Now I didn’t know this little fact (and I’m sure many of you will say the same thing) but Kleenex wasn’t actually destined to wipe snotty noses.  Oh no, its origins is in beauty when in the 1920s, the original Kleenex

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