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Models Own Blue Med

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This can only really be described as an epic fail (excuse my choice of teenage semantics but it’s all I could think of). I’ve seen this on other blogs where they profess that this polish was opaque in three coats. Well, it might be, if you are wearing acrylic nails. But not here, as you can quite clearly see. It’s odd. It makes me think of what a mermaids nails would be after they’d been underwater for a while. Poor Blue Med just wouldn’t build on me and I was left with

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Nars Blushers

This post has been a really long time in the making. Bit shameful really as my Nars blusher collection isn’t as big as that of some other bloggers (mentioning no names…) Can you believe that I’d never even used a blusher up until about two years ago? I just didn’t know how to apply it or what to do with it. Thankfully those days are gone, and I’m a big old blusher fan now. I’ve got my collection to show you here… let’s takeĀ  look, shall we? Sin was my first Nars blusher. Described as a berry pink shade, it

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