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OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

How’s this for a nice vibrant shade for a dreary morning? Red My Fortune Cookie is another shade from OPI’s Hong Kong collection from last Spring. I used this one as another of the trial colours I used when doing my quickdrying topcoat comparison. I have a love/hate relationship with red polishes. I love them when I see them on other people, and whilst I don’t hate them on myself, I find it hard to go longer than a day before having enough and wanting to change it. So wearing this for the three day trial period of testing out

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Illamasqua Untold

So, a while ago I showed you Orly Monroe’s Red. A lovely creme shade that I tested out over Christmas. And as luck would have it, it also provided a fantastic base for this little beauty – Illamasqua’s Untold. Now, a couple of confessions. I’ve had this polish in my collection for quite some time, but was never that bothered about pushing it to the front of the queue as it looked like sparse red glitter suspended in a clear jelly – i.e not that easy to work with. The other confession is that this is my Christmas week manicure. Shown to

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