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OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

Let me take you back to the 90s… Remember when home improvement shows and the concept of Feng Shui were flipping well everywhere? I have no idea where it came from or really what thepoint of it was. I remember reading articles on it, and staring bemusedly at the TV, wondering if I move my sofa to face the other way perhaps my life would suddenly change. If I paid attention to the Bagua of my house, would my own heart become instantly healthier? Ahem.  Apologies to all of you who believe in this stuff but to me, it’s a

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Zoya Jem

Remember the other day when I showed you Zoya Cynthia? Well, Jem is another one of the Zoya polishes that I could not resist from the new Smoke & Mirrors collection. The bottle reminded me strongly of a cross between OPI’s Black Tie Optional and Plum-Full Of Cheer so I didn’t really need this one, but hey, you can’t have enough shimmery purples in your collection, right? Jem applied like an absolute dream. It was almost opaque in one coat, but I saw a little bit of patching so I added another one. It dried perfectly, and I immediately saw

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