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MUA Monday


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Hot on the heels of Sleek Saturday, I’m bringing you MUA Monday. These aren’t necessarily going to be weekly events on Just Nice Things, but since moving house I am loving being reunited with my make-up stash and playing with all the much-neglected eyeshadow that had to be relegated to the garage when our old flat was on the market.

Despite what you might think, this isn’t a sponsored post – it’s just something a few bloggers were chatting about on Twitter and agreed to give a focus to. I only have two MUA eyeshadows but I like them both and wanted to show you one of my favourite looks. I have a purple dress that I wear to formal events like weddings and I always, always use this eye make-up to co-ordinate with it. What might be a little 80s and OTT for the office plays much better at a wedding!

I’ve used Shades 9 and 10 here. Shade 9 is the most glorious violet shimmer that has a creamy texture and a really vibrant sheen to it. I’ve paid £23 for Nars eyeshadows that aren’t as pigmented or interesting as this (which cost a whole £1.00 for 2g). It’s amazing. It lasts all day and is so bright and multifaceted. I could go on, but I won’t. Just buy it eh?

Sadly, Shade 10 isn’t quite as impressive. A case of something looking better on the hanger than it does on, unfortunately. A matte dark grey, it is shot through with miniscule blue pieces of glitter. Really pretty and innovative but unfortunately I found it harder to control and took a fair bit of patting rather than sweeping to get it to build. But once it is on there, it stays there and co-ordinates beautifully in the crease to complement the main event of Shade 9.

So there we have it. I’ve been asked a few times to feature some cheaper eyeshadows on here, and they don’t really get much cheaper, or with better formula, than these MUA Shadows, which are sold exclusively in Superdrug for £1.00 each.

What do you think? Do you own any of these eyeshadows? Do you have any recommendations?

PS – I know I look exhausted in these photos. They were taken at 7.30am on a Monday morning, what more can I say?



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Wow. I’ve had these photos saved for ages (since December) and only just got round to writing this post. Isn’t this a stunner? OPI at its best.

It’s All Greek To Me is (somewhat unsurprisingly) originated from OPI’s Greek Isles Collection of 2004, but was rescued and made a permanent feature of the Classics collection so is very easy to track down. And track it down you should – who wouldn’t want this tasty hot pink on their fingers or toes?

One caveat though – this is a sheer one. I ended up layering this over a pink creme shade to eliminate the visible nail line. Anyone with short nails or (heaven forbid) gels or acrylics wouldn’t have a problem but I did find this to be a bit on the sheer side. But for a result this good, I don’t mind layering it. Of course, it works fine on toes and I love to wear this with a pair of black or silver sandals.

It’s All Greek To Me isn’t wildly different from other OPIs such as Pompeii Purple or Flashbulb Fuschia other than the fact that it does hold a small amount of gold microshimmer whereas the others have more of a purple/blue flash but I am a total sucker for these hot pinks and don’t really mind racking them up in my collection.

What do you think? Are you a fuschia fan?


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