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Coming soon… Are you as excited as I am?

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I’ve just returned from a few days in Dublin.  For the trip, I was challenged to pack light – and I mean, light.  I wasn’t checking in any luggage, just taking hand baggage so I had to limit my make-up (*gasps*) and pack the essentials.

Eyeing up my straighteners (which I value more than taking a hairdryer), it would seem my prayers were heard when I received a set of Cloud Nine’s newest appliance, their micro hair straighteners before embarking on my trip.  This baby is the large format condensed into a dinky size.  You can slip it into your handbag (or for me, my suitcase) and it weighs next to nothing.

Designed for short hair, great for fringes, perfect for fellas and ideal for travel, the micro straighteners measure just 6 inches in length.  Seeing as I tick at least two boxes, they were put to the test during my stay on the emerald isle.

Now I’ve heard a lot about Cloud Nine as the brand for hair straighteners and hair styling tools and I’ve read what other bloggers have had to say about it so I had very high hopes before I switched them on.

The impression I got from the design of the packaging was stylish and sleek.  The box simply is emblazoned with the Cloud Nine motif in silver.  Inside the straighteners come with a pouch and iron heat guard to keep the straighteners cool.

The switch once pressed, takes a few seconds to heat up to the optimum temperature of 150°C.  The straighteners will also turn off automatically after 20 minutes if not used.  You’ll be surprised how many high-end straighteners still don’t have that safety function.

I have used a couple of other micro straighteners before – one was a cheap set at £10, which was flimsy and weak in functionality and design, the other was mid-range, not bad in performance but not great to handle.  The makes of Cloud Nine have clearly paid attention to such factors as grip of the straighteners and the heatof the plates while ensuring it delivers as good as the full-sized irons.  I was impressed these were easy to hold as the cheap ones slip out of your hand.

For my fringe, it works amazingly as the size of the plates are perfect for small areas.  I also like the heat guard protector as it keeps the irons locked and secure.

Now for straightening my hair entirely, it does take much longer than a full-sized set (I needed a good 30-40 minutes to straighten my hair when I’d normally need 10 minutes maximum with the regular irons) but the performance is by no way inferior.  You know the quality you’ll be getting with Cloud Nine – it’s just more compact and when most straighteners can heat up to 230°C odd, Cloud Nine’s Micro Iron results at a milder 150°C are superb and less damaging for your hair too.

The design itself is pretty damn sexy, but it also looks like it’s been created in such a way to evoke quality.

The Cloud Nine Micro Iron retails for £54.95, which includes free delivery in the UK and a 2 year warranty.  The price tag is by no means a surprise since the regular straighteners cost around £129.  Whether it’s something you want in your collection depends on your demands.  It’s served me very well on my travels and I am a regular on having fringes but on most days, I will be reaching for my full-sized straighteners for obvious reasons.

For more on Cloud Nine, visit www.cloudninehair.com.


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