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Zoya Cola

This is a reader request from Carmen, who was keen to get a look at Cola in a little more detail. I have given up caffeine, dear readers. It’s been about five months now since I last had a cup of “proper” coffee or any kind of caffeinated drink. It wasn’t intentional, but we just stopped having coffee at home and then also I realised that the (Gold Blend) decaff instant coffee at work actually tasted much better than the skanky cheap instant that we had all been drinking. So, I thought I’d give it up and see how I got

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China Glaze Flying Dragon

It took me ages and ages to buy this polish. I think it was because many bloggers over the years have said that they didn’t really like it. Usually I listen and adhere to negative feedback but when I saw Flying Dragon for a few quid on eBay, I decided it was time I sussed this one out for myself. And guess what? my trusty fellow bloggers were absolutely right. This is one of the weirdest nail varnishes I have ever used. It looks gorgeous in the bottle – vibrant purple with blue glitter. A little niggle is that the label

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