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China Glaze IX

I’ve been on a bit of a China Glaze kick recently, and have been really enjoying rediscovering older polishes, perhaps those that don’t really receive as much blog love as they deserve. Step forward China Glaze IX, from the X collection that was released in 2007 to commemorate China Glaze’s tenth year in business. For some reason, this collection (of ten polishes, shock horror) doesn’t really receive a lot of love. I own two of them and have only just got round to checking them out. At first sight, IX is just another brown creme. So far, so boring right?

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Color Club Pure Energy

Please behold one of my proginal nail varnish lemmings. When I was first considering starting this blog, many moons ago, I spent a lot of time reading other blogs, basically in the name of entertainment but also to undertake some research. This polish kept cropping up time and time again in nail bloggers favourites and I knew¬†I had to bag a bottle for myself. Fast forward about two years and I finally have it in my grasp. And I don’t think I’m ever going to let it go! Photos just do not do justice to this piece of nail varnish

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