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OPI Best of The Best

Last week I was set a little challenge by the people behind the Voucher Codes Most Wanted website. They asked me to select a gift set from HQ Hair and to give it a good old testing, to see what my thoughts were. Oh, it’s a tough old job, but someone’s got to do it… There were dozens of gift sets to choose from, from perfume to skin care, to cosmetics. As you’d expect from me, I honed in on the nail polish offerings, and decided to have a closer look at a new OPI gift set, called Best of the Best. Priced

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Maybelline Violet Aluminium

Ahhh Maybelline. The great mystery. Why do Americans (and certain other countries) get these absolutely fantastic Maybelline polishes, but we Brits only get about seven shades, most of which are pink or red basics? I do not understand. We like nail varnish too, you know.  This particular specimen was a gift to me as part of a swap that I did with Scrangie. At the time there wasn’t anything on the market that I particularly wanted or needed, so I just gave her the brief to send me anything that she thought I would like. And this is exactly how

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