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Slutty Mongoose: A Scandalous Original

A bit of fun for you today. You’ll have to bear with me as this may translate as one of those “you had to be there” moments though. Recently, I was enjoying a bit of idle banter with some fellow nail bloggers on Twitter and at the same time was watching the new Attenborough documentary on Madagascar. The camera was  focussing on a particularly, erm, proactive mongoose, who was entertaining her fifth or six gentleman mongoose caller of the day. I sent a tweet about the “slutty mongoose”, which really amused Ange, of Scandalously Polished. I must point out that Ange lives

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Halo Hair Extensions

A little while ago, I was approached to test out some hair extensions from a UK company, Halo. Having never heard of the brand, but constantly feeling like my hair is lacking something, I rapidly agreed. I was sold on the fact that the company prides themselves on offering quality human hair products that offer volume rather than (and I quote), “the footballers’ wives look”. After some consultation over my hair colour and length, I was sent some 16″ extensions in Darkest Brown. At the time of being sent these, it turned out that my hair (when straight) was precisely

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What’s new from Gillette Venus?

I have a confession to make. I’m really enjoying American Idol at the moment. (James FTW, although I do find Scotty strangely compelling – how does that body contain that voice?). I tuned in because I wanted to see how Steven Tyler was doing. Weirdly, as it  turns out. He’s definitely from the same mould as Paula Abdul. But then I rapidly found myself a bit mesmerised by Jennifer Lopez. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, she seems so nice.  The bit when she was crying as they had to reject the boy whose girlfriend was disabled? Waaaaah! So, in

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