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Models Own Misty Grey

Well well, the first of September is here already. Can you believe it? Where has this year gone to? Well, I know the summer has passed by in a whirl of hen parties and weddings but I still can’t quite believe it’s September. Does this mean that we’re into autumn

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Some Storage Photos

A little Bank Holiday (picture heavy) fun for you. Several people have been asking me recently to post some photos of my storage system(s), so here you have it. And now, whenever I whinge that I can’t buy any more cosmetics, you can see why. There’s no room. Time for a

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Beauty UK – Smokey Violet

What a turn up for the books. I’d never even heard of this brand until earlier in the year, when I was browsing Superdrug for some offers. I had to put together the prizes for a quiz that we conducted during a hen party in July and seeing as I was put

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Rococo Molten Lava

This nail varnish was my last sneaky purchase before embarking on the pre-wedding no-buy. If you are like me, a total shopaholic, you’ll be familiar with that feeling of seeing something in a shop, liking it, wanting it, talking yourself out of it, going home, obsessing about it, going back

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