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It’s one of those times when my heart skips a beat. It happens from time to time – new OPI collections, Christmas nail varnish releases, and new eyeshadows from Nars.

Earlier in the year, I went to the preview of Nars’ upcoming collection. (You can read my blog about it here ). It feels like about five minutes ago that we were all getting excited about Dogon and the other items from the Spring/Summer collection, but here we are already talking about Autumn/Winter. And to be fair, taking one look outside at the February-esque July we are having, I am more than happy to  start thinking about the Autumn make-up collections (and start wearing vampy nails again!)

Now, you know me. I like a Nars duo. And I was really excited and interested in Grand Palais (£23.50). It contains a satiny taupe shade and a matte rose. Let me tell you, the taupe is one of the best I have ever tried and worth buying for this alone. It applies beautifully, lasts brilliantly and is an absolute gem. I want to bathe in it. The rose shade isn’t quite as pigmented as I wanted and took a bit longer to build. Layered over the taupe it looks really pretty but on its own isn’t really that remarkable. I found that this look made me appear a little tired and in future I am going to wear this with a darker plum shade in the crease and blending all three together.

Delphes is the third of Nars’ limited edition eyeshadow trios, having previously released Calanque and Okinawa. The trios are nice, although a £33.00 price tag is somewhat gulpsome. This is an interesting colour combination comprising of pink, grey and sage green.

The pink is extremely sheer and is packed with that chunky glitter that Nars seems to be fond of recently. I’m not a major fan as there is a lot of fall-out and it sticks weirdly to primer. However, the pink works nicely over a non-primed surface and made for a really pretty browbone highlighter. The green is absolutely perfect. Buttery smooth and dense satin, this spreads really easily and effortlessly. It is definitely the star of the trio for me. I’d rather the grey was a little more pigmented to be honest. It builds ok but is a little sheer initially. I’m not overly sure the shades go together though. I liked it the more the day wore on, but green and grey isn’t a colour combination I’d necessarily think to use. I need to try this a few more times before deciding each way. This is also SUPER frosty. You have been warned!

The other item that caught my eye from the range is the Oasis lipgloss (£17.50).

A limited edition item based on the best-selling blusher of the same name, this gloss is a pink berry shade that gives your lips just a hint of strawberry colour.

It is packed with gold glitter pieces, but these aren’t obtrusive or uncomfortable to wear and thankfully, once the gloss wears off, you aren’t left looking like you’ve been rubbing glitter nail polish on your lips – you have more of a glowy sheen. Very pretty indeed. Also, this stuff could survive a nuclear war. Applied at 8am and lasted through 3 x coffees and a chicken wrap. Impressive.

So, what do you think? Anything here for you? You can see the rest of the collection and order here. I’m seriously contemplating the Pago Pago lipstick now…

Oh and because people always moan that I don’t smile enough in photos, here you are.


*PR samples*


OPI Serenade


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This was an eBay purchase that I made many moons ago as part of my quest to track down as many rare and hard to find OPIs as possible.

I’m really uncertain about Serenade, and can’t suss out whether the bottle has been tampered with by the seller, or whether it’s really meant to be like this. The actual bottle looks a bit knackered, and the consistency is like no other real OPI that I’ve tried – watery and weird. I’ve not really been able to find any other review of this either, so it’s something of a mystery.

Taking it on face value, it’s pretty bad. I know it hails from a sheer collection so that’s all groovy, but the colour is really bizarre. It reminds me of a watered down version of Illamasqua Load. So not really to everyone’s taste, I’d imagine.

What is really odd is despite how runny it is, Serenade seems to layer up quite reasonably. What you see here is three coats, and it was building quite well. However, it’s a very old formula and as such, smells weird, and takes a while to dry. I got bored of applying it very quickly.

Perhaps it would work as a french manicure base for someone with darker skin than I? Who knows.

Do any of you own this? Can you advise on if yours looks the same?

Confused of Berkshire