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Hello everyone.

A bit of a change of plan for today’s post  as I am a guest blogger over at Zuneta. I’m also talking about hair, not nails (for once!)

Please take a look and leave me a comment here - I’d be very grateful!

Helen x

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No doubt you’ve picked up from various beauty blogs over the ripples caused by the fish pedicure that’s made it to these shores.  Today was my turn to experience the aquatic feet treatment, something which is quite common in the Far East, as some friends told me who’d already tried it.

Some weeks ago, Wahanda ran a fabulous Mobdeal – a fish pedicure for the cost of £12 instead of £35 and of course, it was snapped up fast.  Now I’ve never had a pedicure because I am quite squirmish about someone touching my feet but the idea of submerging my tootsies in a tank full of hungry finned friends who nibble dead skin off them dispelled my phobia, not to mention increased my curiosity.  I just perceived it as a foot spa with a difference.

I visited the plush Aqua Sheko in Kensington and was greated with a row of seats and tanks in front of each, housing the little blighters.  My feet were first washed by a lovely and cheery girl.  I felt like royalty!  Then I was instructed to take a pew and dip my feet into the tank.  In seconds the fish suctioned themselves to my toes and the balls of my feet.  I felt an immediate tingle from their tiny mouths eating away at my skin – even at my ankles.  I can’t forget one little fella staring up at me – I just wanted to bag him and take him home.

I also felt like I was on show, seated next to the window of the salon as passer-bys peered through and watched in fascination.  I have to admit, I couldn’t take my eyes off the fish.  One lady next to me couldn’t bear to look down but I kept giggling as they tickled my toes.

After 25 minutes, my feet were dried and I could feel a layer of skin had been removed.  I was advised the fish can only consume a layer of skin per treatment so regular visits will guarantee profound results.  I was nonetheless impressed and content with my experience.  Have you tried the fish pedicure?

An express pedicure costs £35 and a deluxe one is £45 at Aqua Sheko, which includes a foot massage.  Visit for more details.  To purchase vouchers or take advantage of Wahanda’s daily offers known as Mobdeals, visit


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Barry M Cobalt Blue


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I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I just can’t get along with this colour.

It’s daft really, as there’s nothing wrong with it at all, but to me this type of blue is forever going to remind me of my school uniform. Granted, Cobalt Blue is a smidge lighter than my old secondary school jumper but not by much. It just conjurs up images of being all itchy in a nylon V-neck and boiling to death as we had to wear a blazer over the top that we were only permitted to take off when granted permission by a teacher. *shudders*

However, if your school uniform was a different colour, you might fare a little better with Cobalt Blue. This is definitely Barry M at the top of their game formula-wise as this is two coats of pure pigmented creme loveliness.

It’s not an exact dupe for Illamasqua’s Force but it’s close enough. Force is perhaps ever so slightly more dusky and creamy but really, unless you’re a total fanatic (cough cough) then you don’t need them both.

It’s a funny thing as I just can’t get comfortable with these mid blues. Navy, or pastel and pale blues are ok with me, but I’m never really drawn to the mid range of the colour spectrum. I think it is because these types of royal blue are so in your face and eyecatching that I don’t really feel comfortable somehow. Mad, isn’t it?

Anyway, I know that plenty of you simply adore these shades, and if that’s the case then Cobalt Blue is a definite winner. It’s bright, shiny and does the business. Just not for me, I’m afraid.


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