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MAXimise Your Morning with Shreddies MAX™

I’ve never been an early-morning-bird-catches-the-worm  type as much as I’ve tried. I wish I was. I know getting up early has its benefits, I’m just not programmed that way and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people on that front. According to new research by Shreddies MAX™, a

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Blank Canvas Cosmetics: Master Series Palette One

Blank Canvas Cosmetics is a new name to contend with but I’ve a good feeling it will become a familiar one. It’s an online beauty brand based in Ireland bringing quality make-up at affordable prices by cutting out the middle man. While we are still in the EU, we can

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Optrex Warming Eye Mask

Like many chained to their desks, I spend hours in front of a computer screen. In principle we are advised to take regular breaks but in practice, it is a difficult rule to apply. Cue tired eyes, stress and general all-round grumpiness. Long commutes whether it’s behind the wheel or

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OM Skincare

A multipurpose skincare collection that is adaptable to all skin types, ages and in all climates sounds too good to be true, right? I don’t mean one cream for everything. I’m talking about a carefully curated and luxurious capsule collection that works across a wide cross section. That name is OM Skincare. The brains

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