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Bloww by Bloww

Photo: Alistair Guy A few weeks ago, we were both invited to the Bloww Hair and Urban Spa to try a treatment each of our choice.  Situated off Regent Street, Bloww has been open for five years, although it has had various different guises (we believe it was home to Lee Stafford for a little while as well).   After much umming and ahhing, we selected a hair and a spa treatment. Photo: Alistair Guy Here’s Helen’s account… If you read my Confessional interview over at Modesty Brown the other day, you’ll know that I’ve been a bit of a stranger

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New from Bobbi Brown: corrector & concealer

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to Bobbi Brown’s UK headquarters for the launch of the new Corrector and Creamy Concealer.  Collectively it’s something Bobbi Brown is very excited about, and no doubt it should excite a lot of beauty addicts as it aims to combat the ongoing problem of dark circles.  I suffer from them and I am always wishing for a miracle product that will banish them forever.  Well, the world and I are still waiting for that day but until then, we have Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer and Corrector to play with. Reformulated, the new

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