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new skincare range from bareMinerals

This month sees the arrival of bareMinerals’ new skincare range.  Leaping from the success of their famous foundation (the mantra ‘Swirl. Tap. Buff’), the natural cosmetics company have suitably created a number of skincare products, and yes, it is purely mineralised – absolutely no synthetic fragrances, artificial oils and parabens are used.  You are careful about what you put inside your body and bareMinerals believes the same ought to be applied to the outside. The complete range includes a Purifying Facial Cleanser (177ml/£15), Deep Cleansing Foam (119g/£15), Purely Nourishing Moisturizer (50ml/£27), Purely Nourishing Cream (50ml/£27), Firming Eye Treatment (15ml/£23), Pure

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Queen Cosmetics

I was pleased to hear recently of a company that isn’t new, but was certainly new to me. Queen Cosmetics is a British business that was founded in 1927 by a team of three dermatologists and a pharmacist. The company caters for sensitive skins alone, and their philosophy is to make and sell products which are simple, yet as effective as possible, with no unnecessary ingredients. This is music to my ears, as being a life-long psoriasis sufferer, I am often on the hunt for new items that can ease the scaliness, dryness and general itchiness of my skin. Queen

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