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China Glaze Tempest

You may or may not know this about me as I don’t get to use it very often, but I have a degree in English Literature. And it just so happens that Shakespeare’s The Tempest is one of my favourite plays. I can still recall large chunks of dialogue from it at the drop of a hat, although I appreciate that this party trick might not be to everybody’s taste. So it is only fitting that this glorious polish also shares the name of this fantastic play. It has been a while since I reviewed a China Glaze polish, isn’t it?

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Guest Review – Barry M Nail Effects by Big Fashionista

Being the deeply unfashionable soul that I am, I don’t have this polish. But I know someone who does! Kellie from Big Fashionista has been championing this new crackle polish by Barry M for the last week or two, so who better to write us a guest review of just why she loves it so much! I’m bored……. Now up until recently this would usually mean a trip to the fridge (and the cupboard and the secret drawer) but now I am on a diet (17lbs and falling thank you very much) and I am having to find other ways of entertaining

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Nubar Blissful

Here we have a shade that was a bit of a surprise. I think it was the result of an online order where you’re not 100% sure if a polish is going to match the picture that you see on the screen. Blissful isn’t one of Nubar’s most championed varnishes, you see – in fact I don’t recall ever seeing it on any other blog. It’s pretty, isn’t it? A kind of purple / brown hybrid, you can tell from the tipwear in the photos that I wore this one for a while. It made me feel grown up. And

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