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Estee Lauder Surreal Violet

Well well. Remember the other day when I was saying how much I loved Diamond Cosmetics Canyon Sunrise and I was wondering if there was a dupe for it? It appears that there is something very similar indeed. Just a shame that it costs £12, when the Diamond was only about £3.00. Surreal Violet is a limited edition polish from Estee Lauder’s latest release. I hunted high and low in my little backwater town for this and wasn’t able to find it – collections come to my home town beauty counters even later than it takes them to appear on

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OPI We’ll Always Have Paris

I think I may have found the perfect Autumnal vampy creme. For a long time, We’ll Always Have Paris languished at the back of my untrieds as I demoted it time and time again in favour of something more interesting. But then when I was undertaking the Great Quickdrying Topcoat Comparison Post (more info on this little project coming soon) I decided it was high time this one had a moment in the spotlight. And I’m glad I did. Obviously from OPI’s La Collection De France of 2008, this is an absolute dream of a nail varnish. Perfectly opaque in

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Hard Candy Envy

So, we all know that Nars Zulu is back with a vengeance. I don’t own it, and to be honest, I wasn’t all that excited about it. Nice as Zulu looks, I never felt it was one of those polishes that I had to own. But yet I may be coming around. I decided that I wanted to give the blackened greens in my collection another go. Envy was sent to me by Beauty Judy in a swap we did last October. As you know, I don’t usually subscribe to green mania. There are some greens that I like, but

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