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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to see a collaboration between two brands on the surface of airbrushing.  In one corner, Airbase and in the other, Illamasqua.  So off I trotted to Illamasqua’s flagship store in London’s Soho and was met with David Horne, a familiar face on the Illamasqua circuit and also the brand’s Director of Product Development. Airbase’s high-definition airbrushing make-up is the latest trend the celebs are getting done.  It’s almost like ‘Photoshopping’ the face as you lightly spray the face with the foundation. Easy and quick to use on fashion shoots and catwalk shows, it could also

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Zoya Cheryl

Good morning, everyone. Today I want to talk about brown nail varnish. I’m not entirely sure when my obsession with all things brown took over but perhaps it was a natural progression from black. I used to wear a lot of black. When I first started collecting nail varnish, for quite a while, I had more purples than any other shades. And don’t get me wrong, I still love my purples, but for some reason I don’t reach for them as frequently as I do for other shades in my collection. So. I’m not entirely certain when The Great Brown Takeover

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