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20 Questions with British Beauty Blogger

Exciting times! Sheenie and I have decided to start a new series of interviews in which we get to know various influential beauty bloggers from around the globe. First in the hotseat is British Beauty Blogger, one of the foremost bloggers in the UK. If you don’t read her blog, why not? BBB is usually first to the party with news and honest reviews of what is hot in the beauty world. Certainly a “must read” as far as we are concerned! 1)      Why did you start your blog? I’d started following a lot of American beauty blogs and noticed

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Diamond Cosmetics: Seafoam Spray

Seafoam Spray was one that I’d eyed on a few other blogs recently but held out buying as I’ve been bitten by various mint greens of late, as you know. Lobster red hands just don’t do it for me and so I’ve been nervous about a lot of these types of colours. Thankfully, Seafoam Spray is just the right shade that it doesn’t make me look sunburned, and in fact, this was is the manicure I wore over Easter, and let me just say, not only did I not want to take it off, it lasted four days without chipping

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Jessica Bedazzler

After strong recommendations from some of you, I invested in a bottle of Jessica’s Bedazzler, a subtle ruby glitter number.  And I’m disappointed.  It’s not a thick, jelly like polish like CG and OPI’s red glitter lacquers – it’s much finer – but I wasn’t blown away by the finished look. I have no complaints about the application and quality, it’s just as a shade it’s not outstanding.  Perhaps I have got bored of red glitter polishes and fed up of scraping them off and damaging my nails in the process.  Bedazzler does nothing to inject some excitement and looks

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