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OPI La Boheme

What you see here is the result of patience, silence and stealth. La Boheme is well known in the nail world as being one of those supremely difficult to find shades, long since discontinued by OPI. From 2003’s Broadway Holiday collection, La Boheme is one of my favourite ever things; a Christmas polish. Seriously, I have a major Achilles heel for OPI Christmas polishes and I am pleased to add this heavyweight to my collection. The range was named after various Broadway shows. I’ve never seen La Boheme (although I did go through a phase of going to the opera

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2True Shade 1

Good morning internet! I’m feeling bright and cheery today. No particular reason other than it’s now light when I leave the house at the crack of dawn, and the sun has gradually started peeking through the clouds, reminding us that summer is on the way, at long last. So, here’s a bright and cheery polish for you to perfectly match my mood. The unimaginatively named Shade 1 from 2True’s Fast Dry Colour Quick nail varnish range is a glorious bright pink creme. It applies beautifully with a fantastic flat brush (we all know that it only takes a flat brush

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