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Wow. What a great competition. Orly are looking for the best UK nail artists to take on an all-expenses paid trip to compete in an international nail art contest in Las Vegas in September! So exciting! I just wish I was talented enough to enter. The information is below – do let us know if you decide to go for it!

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Cast your mind back to last summer. Does it feel like a dim and distant memory? Well, if you recall, August was aaaall about Chanel’s Paradoxal.

I have actually reviewed 80 Fulham Road before. But the photos were so grim that I was glad to rediscover this polish and re-do my review. Having said that, I feel I need to offer a quick apology about  my  “gradient” nails above – I’ve really been struggling with my left hand for some reason.

This is from a boxed set of a trio of polishes that Nails Inc had last year as limited edition, called the London Designers. 80 Fulham Road is the address of the head office of Amanda Wakeley, a fab English designer who I would have ordered my wedding dress from, were I to have won the lottery beforehand.

It is described as a “grey nail polish with a lilac twist” so with that promise I was sold! It is a lovely grurple that definitely leans more towards the purple than the grey. I love the colour. It is a fabulous polish that has an amazing hit of pink shimmer that really comes out to play in the sun. More shimmer than in a bucketload of Paradoxals, that’s for sure.

Absolutely stunning. But the application? I did have some trouble. I found the handle of the brush really unwieldy as it is chunky and round and with not a lot to grip on to. The shiny silver is a bit slippy as well.

I ended up having to do three coats as it went on really streaky and thin.  Was it worth the hassle? Yes – I love this colour. So unusual and shiny and spangly. I have quite a few Nails Inc polishes but this is far, far and away my favourite.

Oh and if you get bored, take a look at Amanda Wakeley’s website to oooh and aah over the bridal section.