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Clinique Pop Shop opens underground

Clinique has taken over Piccadilly Circus’s underground station! Yesterday I dropped in at their shiny new pop up shop which has set up camp for two weeks. Its colourful and vibrant presence has brightened up the dull façade of the dreary looking station and you can’t resist not wanting to go in for a snoop. If you’ve not plucked up the courage to familiarise yourself with Clinique or simply are too rushed off your feet, the pop up shop is offering a complimentary express make up service to address any concerns you have about wanting to look and feel good,

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John Frieda: Beach Blonde Sea Waves sea salt spray

I sense we are still in the midst of mermaid, wavy hair. Irrespective of whether it’s ‘en vogue’, letting my hair relax in its natural wavy state since I’ve been growing it, is a far outcry from the days of having short (and often high-maintenance hair). It’s been years since my hair has been long enough to get away in this state and I’m not about to cut it all off in a moment of madness. No way, long hair is here to stay for Sheenie Shaikh. There are occasions when my hair goes into this wonderful, curly wurly stage

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