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I really am not tooting my own horn here but if you’ve met my mum, you will agree that she is deeply sweet, kind, funny, beautiful and big-hearted in every facet imaginable. And she can cook. Biryani is one that never fails to generate a pool of drool at the feet of anyone who’s sampled her efforts. I am very lucky to have mama Shaikh as my mum. When Littlewoods asked me to think of a time my mum knew best, I couldn’t pin-point a moment because there are far too many to list. I’ve generally stayed on the straight and narrow

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Boots Pharmaceuticals’ Petal Drop

So who popped along to London’s St Christopher’s Place last night for Boots Pharmaceuticals’ spectacular million-petal drop? I promised you on Monday it would be unforgettable. In fact I am still buzzing from the euphoria of it all. Yesterday I joined forces with three beautiful bloggers, Hannah Gale, Lucie Loves and Em Talks, to help raise awareness of insneezia with a huge smattering of fun thrown in which had us brandishing petal spray guns to shoot upwards into the sky the moment evening fell. Photo credit: Jonny Townsend (https://500px.com/jonny_townsend) Not an inch of St Christopher’s Place was left uncovered, with

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