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SweetEase Facial Wax Strips

Do you remember my friend, Helen (aka YouTuber Casual Beauty) who graced the pages of Just Nice Things a few weeks ago? Well Helen is back tackling another grooming product. Let’s see how she got on… Facial hair. We all have it. It’s just that some people are blessed with hair so fine and translucent  that it’s barely visible to the naked eye while others are cursed with thick dark dark hair which, if not removed, results in monobrows, moustaches and sideburns. Obviously I being to the latter group or I’d have no need for facial waxing strips. I’d tried wax

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The Ugly Side of Beauty Blogging

I’ve been blogging for nearly six years. I’m part of the class of 2009 when it was about sharing common interests with girlfriends but on a much larger scale. Everyone was nice and supportive to each other – genuinely, none of that two-face back-stabbing malarkey and there were no such thing as press samples and PRs in our lives. Over the years, some of these wonderful bloggers have gone onto becoming hugely successful, through sheer slogging-their-guts-out-round-the-clock dedicated blogging. Meanwhile I’ve had my own personal accomplishments that I am very proud of. I’m not in a big league and I never

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