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MOA’s Fortifying Green Bath Potion

It’s been yet another exhausting week and feeling the brunt of it on my mind and my body has got me complaining like a wretched old woman. Honestly, at times I feel like my back is going to snap but there is rejoice and positivity after trying a magical concoction by the name of Fortifying Green Bath Potion. MOA (that’s Magic Organic Apothecary) is a British brand fronting a range of natural skincare made in England and their newest launch, the Fortifying Green Bath Potion* should have a place reserved in everyone’s bathroom cabinets because it’s so effective and will

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Beanies Flavour Coffee review & give-away

I only drink coffee Monday to Friday, sometimes at the weekends if I’m working but generally, I need a caffeine hit as soon as I’ve sat down at my desk or I can’t get through the day. On top of that, my guilty pleasure is a latte, often flavoured with a shot of caramel or hazelnut syrup and the lady who owns the café close to my work place knows my order from the moment I step over the threshold. I have been thoroughly spoilt with the taste of freshly ground coffee made from super-duper swanky machines so when Beanies

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Hourglass Modernist Palette in Exposure

It’s not every day I throw £56 on an eyeshadow palette but when I was killing time in Space NK recently, I hovered over to Hourglass Cosmetics and my eyes fell on the Modernist eyeshadow palettes. There are seven in total and they’re distinguishable by a stunning three-dimensional design and a seamless colour transitions of five richly pigmented shades in a single pan. I knew I wanted the Exposure palette from the moment I had swatched it on my hand, falling in love with the rich purple and aubergine tones contrasting with the champagne gold. This palette screams autumn and I couldn’t wait

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