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I didn’t expect the Top 10 Blogging Cliches post to be so popular! Thank you to everyone who retweeted the link and took the time to read it and laugh.

However the post got me thinking and I realised there are some ridiculously bad habits beauty bloggers develop and get hooked on. How it happens, I don’t know. It just does and it’s very annoying so the last post has led me to write a follow-up, which might be a little on the angry side.


  1. “Down below”
    No, it’s not a reference to something naughty, it’s a commonly over-used expression in YouTube videos whereby ‘vloggers’ indicate they will add appropriate links, product descriptions and what they had for their tea “down below” in the description box. Wtf? ‘Down’ and ‘below’ are the same adverbs! Why can’t vloggers use one or ideally a completely different word no one has ever thought of using before? Also mentioning ‘down’ and ‘below’ with the finger gesture pointing to the bottom of the screen (but in actual fact pointing to the groin/lap) looks hilarious.

    2. Spell check
    Every word-processing software has this function built in. There are no excuses for not knowing how to spell yet some bloggers fail to use it. I’m ancient enough to own the Oxford Concise dictionary though most YouTubers and bloggers wouldn’t know what one is or what it looks like. (Pssst! It looks like a book – with pages made of paper and everything!)

    3. Bland and beige
    ‘Bland and beige’ is a term I coined and I am jolly well proud of it. It sounds like Plant and Page except one is a talented pair of musicians and the other gets on my nerves. ‘Bland and beige’ describes the influx of neutral toned make-up sweeping this great nation of ours and I swear the manufacturing of these is keeping the beauty industry going because it’s guaranteed to be lucrative. And bloggers keel over them every time. Don’t be scared of an injection of colour. Look at me, I have coloured skin, I need colour.

    4. Duck pouted selfies
    I can’t do one. I look ridiculous. So does everyone who pulls one in their photos. Especially that vacant look where the light is on but nobody is home.

    5. The IKEA dressing table work station with an Apple Mac strategically placed.
    Who really has a set-up like that (except for the 5,829 beauty bloggers instagramming this look)?

    6. Muji drawers
    Let me say something here: my first set of Muji acrylic drawers date back to circa 2007-08 so this was way before blogging so I DID NOT JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON, OK? Now everyone has them. *grunts*

    7. Fawning over other bloggers
    I don’t get this. Is it a form of social climbing?  I know some big bloggers didn’t get to where they are without riding on the coat tails of others but now I have to scroll through various social media channels showing grown women bloggers metaphorically creaming their knickers over others. Get a grip and have some self respect! Nothing wrong with a shout-out or showing some solidarity and support to fellow bloggers but eyes roll when some lose control and appear desperate for association. Especially those who tweet incessantly at the really biiiiiiig bloggers but get no response. Ha! 

Do you have one of number 8, 9 and 10? If so, post them below!

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Last week has been full of exciting debuts, and one more I would like to bring to your attention is a new YouTube channel from two friends and fellow beauty bloggers, Koko Secrets and Beauty Wowza.

Victoria from Koko Secrets and Priya from Beauty Wowza have joined forces and sisterhood to bring us weekly discussions, anecdotes and anything goes in beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

Their first video went up last week in which the pair talk about what beauty essentials they would take with them if they were left on a desert island.

I adore these girls outside of blogging and their channel is refreshing and genuine in a chaotic mind field of YouTube videos out there where frankly it’s getting too bland and beige for my liking.

I implore you to support Priya and Victoria by watching and subbing to their channel.

Also…these girls may just have persuaded me to revive my YouTube channel too.

Ah ah!