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I’m becoming fond of these horror face masks.  They’re hassle-free to apply and remove with no mess and they seem to offer infinitely instant and better results. I suppose it also matters what you want to achieve from using a face mask. The mud/clay ones usually draw out impurities whereas these sheet face masks plump up the face for a smoother and hydrated complexion.

The latest one I’ve tried is Indeed Labs’ Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask. You unpeel it carefully from its pack and apply it to your cleansed and dry face, relax for 15 minutes and remove. Any serum that’s penetrated from the mask onto the surface of your face should then be massaged gently into the skin before finishing off with a dab of moisturiser.

My skin felt so soft to touch after – I mean, seriously baby soft and I had an instant glow to my complexion. My cheeks tend to be dehydrated particularly in the winter months so the fact the mask feeds the drought in the affected areas is one something I am looking for.

The coolness of the mask is also very soothing and sustains its temperature for the duration you wear it for. If I had to pick one problematic concern for skin care it’s certainly lack of hydration. Despite drinking plentiful bottles of water, like many I can’t avoid the suction of the weather, pollution and public transport so a booster from this mask does the trick.

There are four in a pack and it is recommended you use it once a week. Available exclusively to Boots stores nationwide and online for £19.99.

*PR sample

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ashleyrobertsIt’s fair to say I can never keep up with the pace of London Fashion Week. Twice a year, the fashionably challenged descend upon the capital, some queuing up to see what the designers have in store for the next season and some simply crawling out of the woodworks in the most attention seeking get-ups. Or their arse cheeks hanging out.

I, on the other hand, popped in after work to catch two shows so the best I could muster up was a neon coloured neck piece and a hot pink lipstick. I also went from sleek, poker straight hair to a frazzled,bird nest of a barnet from the rain storm that greeted me at the exit of Leicester Square tube station. And still nobody asked to take my photo.

For the sixth consecutive year running, The Body Shop were proudly sponsoring Fashion Scout and I was fortunate to have an impressive view of Pam Hogg‘s and ‘FROW’ (darling) for Ping He‘s autumn/winter 2014 shows with the jaw-dropping beautiful Daisy Lowe opposite and a few more familiar faces either side of her.

With the schedule running late, I wasn’t able to go backstage to see the make-up artists in action which is where the fun really is with London Fashion Week.

First up was Pam Hogg but before things kicked off, I was entertained with spotting Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie mosey on over to his seat in the front row. And DJ and record producer Mark Moore. I’m also sure I spotted Alec Baldwin dressed up as Dennis Dupree from Rock of Ages.


I decided to record some footage of the shows for my YouTube channel. Sadly my Pam Hogg coverage was marred by one or two dozy twonks standing up in the second row like a meerkat every 30 seconds. Pam’s stuff is bonkers and by the sound of the elated crowd this collection was proper batshit crazy. It was apparent why some of her audience were from the music scene. Not quite Pete Tong, more like Ziggy Stardust on acid.

pamhogglfw2014 pamhogglfw2014a pamhogglfw2014b pamhogglfw2014c

Ping He, in contrast, had a very wearable collection (though maybe I would not wear the clear PVC affair). Between the two, it was the show I loved the most. I think Leanne sums up Ping He beautifully in her post with a beeline for the eye-catching footwear. Here are some pictures from the show with the video at the end.

pingheAW2014_ pingheAW2014_2 pingheAW2014_3 pingheAW2014_4 pingheAW2014_5 pingheAW2014_6daisylowe daisylowe2

I’m eagerly awaiting what the next season will bring for Spring/Summer 2015. I should also make an effort with my outfit next time as well.

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OK, we are hurtling towards month number 3 of the year (a quarter of the way through!) but I wanted to debut a long-awaited look with my hair – kinky curls.


My first cut and colour of 2014 is taking an exciting step forward with me embracing the natural waves and curls all because my hair is getting longer. This also means giving my hair a break from the heated styling tools used nearly every day and letting me have an extra hour in bed, not to mention the fraction of the time it will take to get ready.

However, I did have a little help with the new style from The Wand by Cloud Nine. My stylist Georgia introduced me to the wonders of the Wand when I popped in for a cut and colour at the weekend. She was confident using it on me would guarantee long-lasting natural curls. Well I wasn’t so sure. I have had my hair curled with other styling tools including straighteners and they always fall out after a few hours. But almost 12 hours later as well as battling through gale force winds, my curls with the Wand are still holding up as I type this.



I’m not sure if it’s because the curling wand is ceramic (therefore kinder to the hair) or that it’s temperature controlled or simply that it’s Cloud Nine which can do no wrong but I do know it took less time than blow-drying. Georgia’s advice? Don’t look in the mirror when styling with the Wand and don’t focus on trying to make it look symmetrical or it will frankly look crap.

I’ve had a yo-yo of a journey with my barnet, trying to grow it but then having to chop it off to regain strength. I know I sing the praises of the salon I’ve been going to for three solid years but The Chapel has been with me every step of the way including the low points. An excellent salon will nurture your hair so if you’ve found the one, don’t let it go.

Thank you, Georgia and Billie, I’m thrilled with my new hair and I’m definitely going to try to recreate the look too.

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