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YouTube: Bluetooth Wireless Headphones review

Hello everyone! I hope you got through the first week of January without too many tears and tantrums. It’s been tricky to find the time to blog but I have managed to post a new video on my YouTube channel. I really will be trying to upload a new one every Sunday evening so please subscribe and let me know what you think. It won’t always be about beauty as I’d like to challenge myself to do other things. This week I’m talking about a pair of bluetooth wireless headphones I bought recently. Speaking of which, here’s the video! Enjoy!

YouTube: London Designer Outlet vlog

Well, well, well! I’ve only gone and made another video for my YouTube channel and it’s a little jaunt to the London Designer Outlet. I hope you enjoy watching it!

OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel

The relief felt when you remove all remnants from the day with a cleanser is pretty special. When it’s a ruddy marvellous one, the feeling is somewhat euphoric. Maybe it’s just me but wiping my face clean with a hot flannel is so satisfying. It’s only then that I know and feel my skin’s been purified. I’ve mentioned in previous ramblings that my favourite type of cleanser is melt-in-your-palm ones. Eve Lom’s and Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm both score highly in my books. Having grown accustomed to the properties of a balm cleanser, I am rigid about what makes for

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