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Review: Clarins BeautyBAR

As a beauty blogger, I should have a regime that runs like clockwork. In reality I am just like most people – normal. I am great at getting my brows threaded every 3 weeks without fail but lousy at having facials and massages. I don’t deem them as self-indulgent or luxurious when they improve your well -being, it’s just the problem of trying to shut down and let someone else take care of you that a lot of busy folk like myself have difficulty in fitting into our routines. Clarins has come to the rescue with its newly launched BeautyBAR

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10 Indispensable Things You Need for an American Road Trip

If you read my 10 Top Tips for a US Road Trip post, watched all my vlogs (plus Leanne‘s brilliant video compilations) and are now jumping with excitement at all American road trip as your next holiday, you’re probably wondering what basics you will need…and ‘basics’ is exactly that because a road trip is very casual. This is somewhere where you won’t be taking a LBD, clutch bag and heels but it is an adventure that will leave you breathless and wanting to do it again. And you can do this at ANY age. It really does boil down to common sense and is

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Benefit: Air Patrol BB Cream Eye Primer

Rummaging through my mini samples (as I was packing for my holiday with what feels like 5 years ago), I came cross a teeny tube of Benefit’s Air Patrol BB Cream Eye Primer that I got in a Birch Box last September. I can’t believe I’ve not paid attention to this until recently. It’s a BB cream and eyelid primer in one – well, duh, the name gives it away – but come on, a BB cream and primer! It hasn’t received much publicity, in fact I don’t recall seeing any unlike Benefit’s other products, which is a shame because

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