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UMAe 2015

Two years have passed since my last visit to UMAe or to break down its acronym, the United Makeup Artists Expo (UMAe). The weekend just gone, I found myself on the steps of the Business Design Centre in London’s Islington, eager to see what was going on inside. As the UK’s leading aspiring and professional hair and makeup artist trade show, UMAe is a great opportunity to come face-to-face with the industry’s exceptional and leading brands, artists and of course pick up some precious products discounted generously. On my first and last visit in 2013, there was a noticeable difference with the

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Illamasqua Gel Sculpt & Gel Colour

By now you’ll know I am not one to echo the whole Emperor’s Clothes thing when something is unnecessarily hyped up just because the majority say so. Fortunately with Illamasqua, I go all Ron Burgundy and want to ‘shout it from the top of a mountain’. That is pretty much how I feel about their new Gel Sculpt* and Gel Colour*. These new arrivals are revolutionising our fascination and curiosity with ‘normal’ contouring but what makes it stand apart from its rivals is its formula and method of application. It’s a water-resistant high-pigmented tint in a gel stick that offers subtle

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