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Eve Lom Cleanser


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A few weeks ago I wrote about Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask. Today I am talking about Eve Lom’s Cleanser*.

You know how I thrive on cleansing balms and I am always willing to try a different one because not one is ever the same. Believe me that is the case when my combination skin did not like Emma Hardie highly praised Moringa Cleansing Balm.

Eve Lom’s Cleanser which has been heralded by Vogue as “probably the best cleanser in the world” is a cult classic. It’s a solid balm which, when massaged into the skin, melts away make-up and grime as it decongests, exfoliates and brightens. It contains four essential oils (Eucalyptus, Clove, Egyptian Camomile and Hops) and cocoa butter with quite the formidable scent (so you’ll either screw your nose up in horror or barf.)

I wasn’t too bothered by the distinctive aromas of the cleanser but I was intrigued by the specific instructions in how to use it. Most cleansing balms simply recommend that you massage a small amount into your skin, adding water to emulsify the product and break down the particles of your make-up before wiping clean with a warm, wet flannel. Eve Lom’s Cleanser insists you apply with dry fingers in a circular motion, then place a muslin cloth (included) in hot water and wring out before pressing the warm, damp cloth on your visage and hold for 5 seconds to open pores.

I’m not done yet!

Repeat the last step three times before rinsing the cloth in clean warm water and wiping off your make-up with circular movements to exfoliate at the same time. FINALLY rinse the (quite pathetic) muslin cloth in cold water and reapply to the face for 5 seconds to close the pores. Have you fallen asleep on me?

I can understand the logic of the heat softening and breaking down the grime and make-up but I don’t know if many can be bothered to follow the procedure religiously. I did give it a go and discarded the muslin cloth after one attempt in favour of the good old flannel, which frankly kicks muslin to the kerb. I’m not entirely sure if it makes a superior difference from the regular method because wiping with a flannel kind of replicates the exfoliation part. Meh. I don’t know. As far as the actual product is concerned, my skin likes it very much. No spots, no irritation and my skin feels suitably pampered and cleansed.

It is a pot of luxury at £55 for a 100ml pot but if you’re familiar with Eve Lom, then you won’t flinch at the asking price. Generally the price point for a decent cleansing balm is around that mark. Besides, such products last ages because so very little is required for usage.

Eve Lom’s Cleanser is available from QVC, John Lewis, Space NK and Eve Lom’s official website.

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Well, hello there! Things have been seemingly quiet on Just Nice Things for the past week or so. Posts have been drafted, products are waiting to be photographed but my blogging duties have been overshadowed by a couple of unexpected and unwanted hiccups.

One was discovering my credit card had been compromised. Fortunately I spotted the fraudulent transaction on my regular balance checks (something I’ve got into the habit of). Some bastard had used my card details to buy £500 worth of merchandise from John Lewis online.  I always have my card on me so I can only assume a card reader in a shop I had used copied my details. Then again I don’t know how sophisticated these thieves’ equipment and software are.

Luckily the bank blocked the pending transaction and to an even bigger relief for me, I wasn’t debited (probably because the transaction was in the pending stage.)

Then yesterday I discovered Just Nice Things had been hacked into on 15th August. The hosting company I use (TSO Host) worked relentlessly to remove the suspected virus and coding and (fingers crossed), I think it’s gone. I’ve been with TSO Host for years and they are fantastic – 24/7 service and they are always quick to respond so if you are looking for a UK based hosting company, you really can’t go wrong with TSO Host.

So that’s my turbulent news and a reminder to you all to be vigilant and check your bank/credit card regularly. It takes a few seconds and the apps work so efficiently.

With website hacking, some of us are just unlucky. I have since downloaded a plug-in to check who logs onto the control panel (that’s me only).

OK folks, normal service will resume shortly. Thanks for your time.