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Hey, folks! I have a tiny announcement: I’ve decided to amalgamate my three blogs into one. Just Nice Things was always the mothership but as it now seems to be de rigeur to incorporate food, lifestyle and beauty into one, Cook with Sheenie and Eat with Sheenie are consequently redundant. In fact I shed a tear when I noticed the last time I had posted a restaurant review on Eat with Sheenie was two years ago. At the time, it was the logical thing to keep the sites separate but like I said above, it’s acceptable to keep everything in

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Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

I’m not normally compelled to write about an anti-perspirant deodorant except there is now an aluminium-free one available (and the first of its kind) from Soft & Gentle that’s led to a murmur of excitement. Natural based deodorants are nothing new but they don’t stop you sweating. Anti-perspirants do and up until recently, the only ones available contain aluminium-based compounds to temporarily plug the sweat ducts. This has led to concerns about whether these are absorbed into the skin and how it could possibly be linked to breast cancer. I don’t know if this has been proven but you can imagine the

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Laser Hair Removal with Sk:n (session 1)

If you caught my recent post about laser hair removal with Sk:n Clinic, you will know I am undergoing a course of treatment for the underarms and chin. These will be carried out over the coming months and although I have written about having professional laser hair removal in the past, I’ve never kept an account of the experience from start to finish. However, as it was such a long time ago (seven years to be exact), it feels as if I am having it done for the very first time. Earlier this week I had my first session on

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