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Beauty Storage Solutions from Matalan

We’re only into month three of 2016 and Matalan has clambered its way to the top of my list for homeware. To be precise, Matalan has a fine selection of storage solutions and funnily enough, you’ll find them in the kitchen section. They are so adaptable and stylish for us beauty hoarders that I just had to share my discoveries with you. Wooden Kitchen Herbs & Spices Rack (31cm x 30cm) £10 This spice rack is fantastic for keeping your skincare bottles in an orderly fashion. It comes with those funny crocodile looking hooks at the back for putting up on

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Review: Nexxus Youth Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner

New to the UK but very familiar in the USA, Nexxus has been at the heart of hair restoration for more than 30 years. It feels as if the market for haircare is full to the brim so how does Nexxus manage to squeeze its way in? My knowledge and understanding of Nexxus was somewhat limited to non-existent when I was approached to try their range of products but at least I can say I went into it with an unadulterated, open mind. But where does one begin? Well Nexxus, which was created in New York, has this one covered

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Review: Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream & Sleeping Cream

If you think about all the abuse your skin takes on a daily basis (lack of sleep, disrupted sleep, harsh cold weather, pollution, stress), it’s no wonder the biggest organ is built as strong as a brick wall. For the last two months I’ve been putting Garnier’s Miracle Wake Up and Sleeping creams to the test. These pretty-looking bulbous pots for day and night use offer a short term solution to smoothing tired and dull looking skin and generally making your visage look radiant. At £12.99 each for 50ml per pot, it’s a fraction of the total price some high

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