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Sophyto Purifying Silken Cleanser & Moisturiser

A cleanser I’ve been using for a couple of months is this one. It’s an organic, non-foaming and free-from-all-the-nasties kind of cleanser.

I am new to Sophyto but researching the brand I find it’s a professional grade certified organic skincare range licensed by from the UK Soil Association. Wow. It sounds like quite a big deal. Their products are certified cruelty free by PETA and gluten free (what does that mean? You’re not going to eat it, are you?) and ideal for all skin types so perfect for most delicate complexions and cleanses without harming or disrupting the skin.

The cleanser is soft and buttery in consistency, and easy to use with a warm, damp flannel. The Balancing Daily Moisturizer is fragrance-free, light-weight and can be used as a primer.

I only have one moan and it’s the scent of the cleanser which is described as ‘warm honey’ but smells like plastic. Ick. The moisturiser, however is fine.

Sophyto Purifying Silken Cleanser costs £13 for 100ml and the moisturiser is £18.95 for 50ml. Sophyto products are available on www.beautybay.com. Check www.sophyto.co.uk for more information and on stockists.

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“Sophyto Purifying Silken Cleanser & Moisturiser”
  • I think some people do have skin sensitivity to gluten (in addition to getting ill from eating it), so it isn’t as far-out as it sounds.

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