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Excuse me while I crawl under this rock but I thought Aveda was about hair only. Actually no, they do make-up too!

One evening last week I was invited to the Aveda Institute in Covent Garden for a closer look at their new Passion Flower make-up collection, which constitutes of everything you need in a make-up bag sized quantity for day to evening looks. Minimalistic baggage, ladies!

Make-up artist Adam De Cruz, who’s worked his magic on Alicia Keys on tour and Leona Lewis, demonstrated a few key autumn looks and it’s the electric blue smokey look which was the clear winner (for me).

The collection includes:

3 Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Colors in Wild Fuchsia, Snap Dragon and Rare Orchid (£12.50)
3 Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glazes in Star Dahlia, Gilded Lotus and Pearl Rose (£15.50)
2 Nourish-Mint Lip Liners in Foxglove and Tarragona (£14)
6 Petal Essence Single Eye Colors in Cerulean Bloom, Calla Lilly, Brown Velvet Rose, Bittersweet, Night Iris and Green Tuberose (£11.50)

Here are a couple of Adam’s completed looks using the Passion Flower collection.  The key is simplicity and Adam has done exactly that with bold looks with few products:

Photo: Aveda UK

Photo: Aveda UK

The evening was rounded off with a head and neck massage AND a wash and blow-dry, and my frizzy mane was transformed into a wondrous bouffant vision with my hair smelling like candy from their Light Elements Shaping Wax (£21).

I haven’t had a cut in 6 weeks and did a quick colour booster home dye job for my friend’s wedding yet it’s amazing what a difference a good wash and blow-dry makes – it looks like I’ve had a complete restyle and cut. Joom was my lady. She has changed the appearance of my cut and style all by blow-drying my hair and giving my locks body and shine.

I’ve frequented Aveda for many hair saving products. In fact  they came to my rescue about 4 years ago when so-called mild shampoos from the high street were making my roots horrendously greasy and the ends dry. I was marched up to Aveda’s concession counter in House of Fraser, Bluewater (see how I remember these significant things vividly) and I’ve never looked back since.

For my first visit to the Aveda Institute, I was bowled over. It’s a shame I had to go home on the smelly tube and train after. Oh well. I’m off to have a play with the Passion Flower collection I was given and I promise I will report back with the results.

The Passion Flower Collection is available in Aveda salons, spas, stores and on from October 2012.

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