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Bic Soleil Secret


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I have to come clean about something. I have been cheating on my regular razor with this new one by Bic. It’s called Soleil Secret*. It gives such incredibly smooth results in one move that it has made me think I ought to break it off with my usual razor.

Up until now, the only Bic I used was the biro. I tend to glance quickly past Bic’s razor blades usually. They’re in a multi-pack, right? Just like the male version except in pastel colours just to make it obvious but now Bic has unleashed something super and there’s no other way to say this except I love it and you need this in your life!

I knew from the moment I gripped the curved handle with its grooves that this was not like other blades on the market but I never expected it to give such excellent results. It has three movable blades to deliver a close and smooth shave and the pivotal head moves easily around tricky areas like the back of your knees. Also, can I just add no nicks and cuts!


There is also a trimmer that slides over the blades to deal with the bikini area, cutting hairs at 2mm but I can’t comment on this feature as I prefer to leave that business to the professionals.

Bic, I salute you! I’m so impressed with how good this shaver is. And to my usual razor, I’m sorry but you’re just not good enough for me any more.

Big Soleil Secret is available at Boots and Superdrug in packs of 2 disposable razors with a trimmer for just £3.99.  Actually you may want to sprint to Boots as it’s currently on offer for £1.99!

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bourjoisdot_1There aren’t many beauty products which are genuinely worth getting excited about but this nifty nail art dotting tool from Bourjois is the flavour of the month (for me).

I’m last to the party of nail art designs so to get my hands on a tool that simplifies the skill is a pretty big deal. Bourjois has designed its own nail art dotting tool and in seconds you can add a twist to your manicure – no patience required either. You just dip the tool into a nail lacquer of your choice and dot away. The tool cleverly distributes the dots evenly too. No more trying to use the corner of a brush and being left with blobs!


The tool has two different rounded ends so you can create all kinds of imaginative designs. I kept it very simple with an accent nail but now I’m confident to venture further and try something crazy.


I used Bourjois’s brilliant 1 Seconde Nail Enamel polishes new shades In The Navy and Turquoise Block, which are a breeze to use with their fan-sized brush for precise application. These polishes never fail to deliver a perfect application every time plus the opacity and quality is superb, and ideal for nail art designs.

I love how Bourjois always goes that extra mile in creating fashionable beauty at affordable prices and this nail art dotting tool is no different at only £3.99. However it isn’t available at the usual outlets – you can only buy this on Amazon or ASOS. You can buy the 1 Seconde Nail Enamel polishes from the likes of Boots and Superdrug though. I believe the new shades will be available some time this month priced at £5.99 each.

*PR samples