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OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel

The relief felt when you remove all remnants from the day with a cleanser is pretty special. When it’s a ruddy marvellous one, the feeling is somewhat euphoric. Maybe it’s just me but wiping my face clean with a hot flannel is so satisfying. It’s only then that I know

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Sophyto Purifying Silken Cleanser & Moisturiser

A cleanser I’ve been using for a couple of months is this one. It’s an organic, non-foaming and free-from-all-the-nasties kind of cleanser. I am new to Sophyto but researching the brand I find it’s a professional grade certified organic skincare range licensed by from the UK Soil Association. Wow. It sounds like quite a

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111SKIN Lift Off 111 Facewash Essential Cleanser

There’s a skincare line that has recently launched in(to) Harrods and I am going to tell you about it.  Do try to stay with me on this one even if it highly science-techy. 111SKIN is 20 years in the making by Dr Yannis Alexandrides, a renowned Harley Street plastic surgeon who’s collaborated with

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