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I’m awash with new shampoos and conditioners to review lately, which means my tresses are super shiny and clean. John Frieda’s Full Repair range is new and very affordable, addressing the common concerns of overworked, damaged hair from styling tools and such.

It boasts a strengthening formula with the exotic sounding Inca Inchi Oil and it’s rich in omega-3, which apparently reverses the look and feel of damaged hair to give bouncy, shiny locks and…oh, you get the picture.

Full Repair is on my carousel of hair stuff that I have on rotation and I admit it’s taken me by surprise. There is always that hesitation of using shampoos that promise the world for a few quid. Fortunately Full Repair has left my hair feeling nourished, very soft and shiny to run my fingers through and without that awful feeling of hair suffocating at the roots. It’s quite rich for my fine hair which is why I reserve use of it once a week. I am also trying not to become too dependent on sulphate and sodium chloride filled products.

I don’t believe there is any shampoo out there that magically repairs split ends though. Any brand that makes such claims is being plain silly. Only a regular trim will keep them at a low.

The John Frieda Full Repair Repairing Oil Elixir is something I use sparingly because I am nervous of adding hair oils when my hair goes greasy every other day. It’s basically a product to give a boost to shine and smoothness. It’s not a product I am likely to repurchase (unlike the shampoo and conditioner) because I don’t think I would get much use out of it. Besides, I am not Rapunzel.

The shampoo and conditioner are priced at £5.89 with the oil at £9.99 and are available at such retailers as Boots.

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Area H20


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Area H20 should rename itself to ‘Area H2Woah’. It’s a new hair care range free of fancy schmancy ingredients and instead addresses how the type of water in the area you live in affects the condition of your hair.

Area H2O has been scientifically formulated by biochemists to work with your water type, not your hair type. It makes sense since you may have noticed how different your hair looks and feels wherever in the world (or the country) you are in.

There is a useful illustration of the UK map on the bottles highlighting which areas are hard, medium and soft and it looks exactly like this:


I was sent the soft water shampoo and conditioner because although I live in London (notoriously a hard water area), I have a water softener installed.

The products are scent-free with the shampoo clear like water. It’s worth noting that it takes a few washes before you notice a difference. Actually it’s all part of the detoxifying process with Area H20 filtering out the build-up left behind from other products and the effects of the water type.

So how does this marvellous concoction work? Well it combats the effects of mineral deposits by acting like a magnet and attracting the metal ions that are present in every water type. This makes it easy to wash them away before they react with your shampoo to form deposits.

If you live in a hard water area, limescale is a major factor – it doesn’t lather well with soap and the residue it leaves behind won’t give you the sleek and shiny appearance that you crave. If you’re in a soft water area, water lathers better but the chemical imbalance makes it more difficult to rinse off hence your hair looks limp and lifeless.

It’s also useful to know both shampoo and conditioner contain a PH of 5.5 – the body’s natural PH.

Since switching to Area H20, my hair looks fuller, healthier, smoother and remains this way for a lengthier period of more than a day in between washes. It also ‘feels’ cleaner. Look!

I do get spoilt with all marvellous hair care products sent to me for review but Area H20 is one that’s wowed me without any fuss or frills. If you’re prone to sensitivity of the scalp then this may well be ideal for you too.

You can buy Area H20 at Look Fantastic and what’s more, it’s so reasonably priced.

It’s available in variants of a Hard, Medium or Soft Water Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair, Coloured Hair at £9.95 (250ml) and Hard, Medium or Soft Water Conditioner at £9.95 (200ml).  Also there are Duo Packs for £17.50. You can also purchase via the official site

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