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When I was at UMAe a few months ago, I bumped into Daniel who spontaneously decided to do a quick smokey eye look for the day time.

I’ve had Daniel’s eyeshadow quads sitting in my drawer for a while (I’m sorry, Daniel!) but at the weekend, I finally got round to having a play with them for an easy-peasy smokey look.


Before I talk about the actual make-up, it must be said that the cases for these quads are the best I’ve come across in a long while. They’re solid, feel secure and shut firmly. You’d never have to worry about these babies flying open.

Aesthetically they are very pleasing with Daniel’s initials stamped on one of the eyeshadows – adds a nice touch! I remember Daniel telling me about the amount of tweaking that had to be done before he was happy with the final design.


The two sets of quads I used are Beyond Sunset, a combination of Sunny (gold), Sand (beige), Stone (grey) and Cocoa (dark brown), and Scandal At Midnight which featyres Desire (lilac grey), Wicked (black), Pure (white) and Dream (Glitter).

The shadows are silky smooth and easy to blend and they can can be applied wet for a bold look or dry for subtle results.

I used a mixture of shades from both quads plus Daniel’s awesome Watercolour Crème Bronzer in Fiji and Watercolour Blush in Spicey.


IMG_8033 IMG_8055

There is a third quad too – Beauty Eye - and each one is priced at a very reasonable £28. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Naked palette, then look no further for this offering from Daniel. Sometimes, less is more.

For swatches on these or to buy direct, visit

*PR samples

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Recently Daniel Sandler very kindly sent me some of his products to try and interestingly this included a cream-in-a-compact.

I trust liquid and gel more for an even distribution and flawless coverage. It’s been years since I used a base in compact form (powder actually) and my only experience with a creamy compact wasn’t particularly memorable. With that in mind I wasn’t sure how Daniel’s Catwalk Compact would compare to the methods I am comfortable with.

The creamed compact is packaged in a solid and attractive looking compact, which also comes with a sponge applicator. It has SPF 25, is suitable for combination to oily skin types and is available in 10 shades with attention on medium to dark skin tones.

While it’s not unusual to use your fingers to apply liquid or gel foundation, you most certainly need a sponge for cream as you are dealing with a thicker and almost solid texture.

The cream light-weight foundation is very soft and very little is needed for a medium coverage which is buildable for maximum coverage. I used shade 06 which was a perfect match and it blended effortlessly and quickly with the sponge, but most importantly once it was on it stayed on.

Wearing Catwalk Compact in shade 06

I usually prefer a dewy finish but Catwalk Compact leaves a soft matte finish with the setting properties of a powder. However it doesn’t look caked on at all and as I mentioned earlier, it is incredibly light. I really didn’t feel the need to layer it on as it gave me the sufficient coverage with long lasting results.

I also used Daniel’s Watercolour Crème Bronzer in Fiji – a gorgeous terracota – with my fingers and it would have been rude not to finish off with his watercolour blush in Spicey. I love this product so much!

Daniel also has a liquid foundation, Super Mineral MakeUp which is a foundation, sunscreen and anti-oxidant in one.

Containing nutrients and vitamins to nourish the skin while offering protection (SPF 15), its light diffusing mineral pigments help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too.

The product which comes with a pump, offers medium to full coverage, giving a dewy look. It’s oil-free, fragrance-free and water resistant like the Watercolour Blush and Bronzer. Suitable for all skin types it comes in a total of 10 shades too.

I can’t fault this one either and I have two choices when it comes to selecting a foundation by Daniel Sandler. The compact is great to slip into my handbag and is practical to use on the go or when travelling while the Super Mineral Makeup liquid is something I would opt for more frequently just because of personal preference. Both have delivered impressively and sit very reasonably in the price scale when it comes to foundations.

Wearing Super Mineral Makeup in shade 06

You’ll have noticed I’m wearing a bright red lippy in the first photo – it’s Daniel’s Red Carpet matte lipstick and Daniel insisted this colour would suit me. Hmm. Well this one is full of surprises.

Not only did I notice immediately how smooth and evenly it glided on, the texture was so soft too. What should be pointed out is the lipstick contains a “non-drying” matte formula – 4 hours since application, my lipstick were still moisturised with no cracking or peeling.

Red Carpet feels light on the lips and the colour is richly bold and beautiful – it couldn’t have a more apt name. This is how all matte lipsticks should look and feel!

The magic ingredients are Squalene, a natural moisturiser and Hyaluronic Acid to soften lips as well as Vitamin E and as a result this lipstick doesn’t bleed. It is also hypoallergenic, free of preservatives and fragrance.

Catwalk Compact and Super Mineral Makeup foundation are currently available at the special price of £15.50 (usually £21.50), Red Carpet lipstick costs £13.50 and Watercolour Crème Bronzer (available in 2 shades) is £15.50.

Thank you, Daniel for creating such superb products that deliver – I’m in love. I think this is one affair that will go the distance.

To buy online and support the best of British, visit

*PR samples

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Miss Merx’s manis


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I keep staring at my nails…would you just look at them? Isn’t this the finest manicure you’ve seen? This is the work of Mercedez Merx aka Miss Merx, fellow beauty blogger and a freelance nail technician who doesn’t cut corners in her job and is passionate about keeping nails healthy.

Mercedez has years of experience under her belt and is OPI trained, and she has worked with some big clients and counts some amazing ones in her loyal list of customers.

A few weeks ago I whinged I hadn’t enough time to sort myself with a manicure for my friend Lisa’s wedding in Edinburgh. I was one of four bridesmaids, you see. Mercedez came to my rescue with my first ever gel manicure (shocking admission for a beauty blogger) and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Now let me tell you something, this girl is GOOD. No, wait – not good, AMAZING.

My session took a good hour and the result was such a neat and precise manicure. Mercedez prides herself on being ‘old school’ in her practising of manicures. She will come to your home or to your work place if you prefer and pamper your talons till they look like you could be a hand model. It’s sheer bliss to have someone visit you in the comfort and privacy of your own haven. You’re not rushing to park somewhere or endure public transport to get to your appointment on time. I think people forget the benefits of a mobile service.

I’ve had a fair number of manicures and this one didn’t pinch or hurt a bit especially on the cuticles. My long nails were uneven to start with due to breakages but Mercedez didn’t bat any eyelid and filed them down to a beautiful shape.

The dress code for the bridesmaids was red and black so Mercedez showed me a few red shades and I settled for OPI’s Malaga Wine. Now I’m pretty brutal with my (strong) nails – I dragged a heavy suitcase to Edinburgh, whacked my nails a few times and it didn’t chip. Two weeks on and the gel manicure is unscathed. A regular manicure would have endured a few cracks and chips within a few days but Mercedez did a fabulous job and I’m converted to gel manicures. They’re perfect for holidays and special occasions as they last longer and their endurance is incredible.

So I’ve got me a regular hair stylist, hair colourist, beautician and now I can add Miss Mercedez Merx to the list as my manicurist.

I urge you to give Mercedez a try. She covers greater London and surrounding areas like Hertfordshire, Kent and Essex…basically if she can get to you, she will get to you.

Visit for more information on the manicures and pedicures Mercedez does and the prices.

Oh and here are some photos from the wedding of Lisa Simpson (yes, that is her real name) who is now Mrs Redpath. Congratulations to you and Gary, Lisa. xx

Products used: Mac’s Face & Body foundation, Daniel Sandler’s Waterblush in Spicey, Sephora’s cream lip stain in red and lash extensions by NX Lashes.

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