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Murad Clarifying Wipes

I don’t need a skin expert to tell me cleansing wipes are the devil’s work. They cause me great discomfort yet the sheer number of wipes on the market indicates the great British public love them and are indifferent about why they’re not great for your skin. Well LA dermatologist expert Dr Murad has jumped into the baptism of fire with his own wipes and to emphasise they’re nothing like the conventional cleansing wipe, these ones actually treat the skin as well as cleanse. For someone who preaches about caring for your skin not just from the outside but the

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Murad’s Hydrating Sensation

I think it’s safe to say it is officially Christmas when the adverts start rolling in thick and fast. So with that in mind, it’s not premature to start shopping for gifts. One where you can’t go wrong is with Murad, the skincare specialists who have created five limited edition skincare gift sets. With Murad this is the proper deal because you know, world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad – head honcho – knows his stuff. Out of the five, I have been using the Hydrating Sensation set, which offers luxurious, deep hydration. One of the things Dr Murad strongly preaches is

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