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Today beauty blogger Rucksana Hussain is a guest reviewer for Just Nice Things. The Birmingham beauty junkie kindly agreed to try a selection of eye make-up from George at Asda.

Whenever I go to Birmingham, I always call in on Rucksana who is like a little devil sitting on your shoulder, egging you to buy more make-up from Selfridges’ in the Bullring. Her blog Walking in a Beauty Wonderland is one you must add to your list of blogs to follow. Without further ado, let’s see what Rucksana thought of George’s offerings.

I have been keen to try the George make-up range but my local Asda doesn’t stock it annoyingly, so when Sheenie asked me to review some products I jumped at the chance. I was given a selection of 4 single eyeshadows to try, which are a mixture of textures with variable results.

First up is Jellybean, a blue toned lilac. This is the kind of colour I am always attracted to. However I was left a little disappointed with how it performed. I used this all over the lid on top of MAC’s painterly Paint Pot but discovered it wasn’t true to the colour in the pan. It’s very sheer so to get a good depth of colour I had to build it up with a few layers. Jellybean is a shimmer eyeshadow but gritty in texture though it did blend fairly well.

Next up is Yeti, a red toned brown which is a matte eyeshadow. I am always on the search for a good cheap matte eyeshadow and this delivers nicely as it’s well pigmented, smooth and buttery to work with. Yeti blends beautifully and works well for a smokey look.

Panther is my favourite. Firstly I love the name as it reminds me of my black cat. It is a very deep slate grey shade with the same texture as Yeti, and has a silver sparkle. I used Panther in the crease and it looked so pretty and sultry. It also serves well as an eyeliner when used with a damp liner brush.

Snowflake is the final shade I tried. It is a pearly white iridescent shade and rather frosty which is quite apt for its name. I used this as highlighter on the brow bone but found it to be way too stark. It is exactly the same in texture as Jellybean, a shimmer but not smooth and quite gritty. Unfortunately it is the one I’m least fond of out of the 4.

I tried all 4 shades over MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot for around 6 hours. There was a fair amount of fading especially with Jellybean which had lost a lot of its vibrancy but there was no creasing.

Overall the eyeshadows are pretty good quality and the design of the packaging is sturdy and secure fpr £2.50 each so you can’t complain.

The final product from George is Volume Lash, a waterproof mascara. It claims to thicken lashes and add volume. It definitely added volume but didn’t really lengthen them much. It is a dry formula and if too much product is applied it clumps the lashes together. I favour my mascara to add length, volume and to fan out my lashes so they look, full, fluttery and voluptuous. Volume Lash didn’t give fanned out lashes but spiky instead.

Volume Lash comes with the ubiquitous bristle which I prefer over plastic applicators. The other thing that stands out is the yellow packaging, which bears a similar look to Maybelline’s eye-catching Colossal mascara.

All in all, I do like Volume Lash. It is very good value for money at just £3.50 and outperforms some major mascaras I’ve tried that cost more. George really does offer some absolute gems, I just wish it was more accessible in their stores.

George make-up is also available online at

Rucksana Hussain

*PR samples*

Thank you so much, Rucksana for your honest opinion. Have you tried these or other products from the George range? If so, what do you think of them? Do you have any favourites you could recommend? Let us know your views by commenting below.

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BareMinerals. Whenever I hear that name, I instantly think of their their infamous tap and swirl foundation. And their no nonsense “No parabens, no binders, no fillers, no harsh chemicals, no kidding” promise.

Other than their powdered foundation and their mascara (which is brilliant), I’ve never tried any other bareMinerals cosmetics. I had dismissed bareMineral’s make-up range because collectively it didn’t strike me as something which would give me what I wanted on the basis that their foundation promotes the natural, barely-wearing-any-make-up look. 

However bareMinerals have pushed the boat out by taking their popular loose eyeshadows and reformatting them into 22 eyeshadow duos and 4 quads in pressed format, making it much more easier to manage and apply.

Seeing these new gems certainly piqued my interest when I was perusing in their boutique recently and when bareMinerals kindly sent me a selection to try, I was excited.

Firstly the packaging is superb. The eyeshadows are pressed in a soft black, almost rubber-like material compact. I love the feel and design of them: lightweight yet secure and very slim that they’ll slip into your make-up bag with ease. Inside the compact comes with a big mirror and a miniature applicator.

Below is how they look when I had a play with them… (I apologise for the messy work – was in a hurry!)

Quad The Soundtrack comprises of shades Rhythm (buttercream), Louder (burnished copper), Remix (burnished gold) and Speaker Box (shimmering gunmetal and is a perfect mix of rich autumn shades.

Duo Alter Ego is my favourite partnership: Wicked (a shimmery pale green) with Daring (mauve). When blended together the latter morphs into a deep emerald green. Stunning and distinctive, it reminds me of Nars’s Dogon. Look at it! Isn’t it beautiful?

with flash

The above shot is what I mean by the mauve looking emerald green when blended with Daring (taken with flash).

I screwed my face up at The Honeymoon Phase. Why? Well Giddy is a powdery pale pink that does not bode well with my skin tone so I was apprehensive about wearing it with Do Not Disturb, a slate grey with gold speckles (yes, more my type).

It is very powdery and pressing it onto my lids resulted in my fears coming true but when it settles it transforms into a soft, dusky pink/lilac with the grey. Just a small amount of Do Not Disturb is needed though I imagine it will look stunning when layered up for a dark, smokey look.

OK I take it back about Alter Ego, this one is The Vision and it is a vision to behold. Illusion is a pale matt aqua green and Mirage is be-au-ti-ful irridescent pearl shadow. It is a brownish moss colour but looks purple when blended against and Illusion. Together these two are an electric combination.

The Scenic Route features Breathtaking, a white with gold shimmer and Spectacular, a light golden olive.

Pigmentation on these eyeshadows is amazing. They’re so soft and creamy (but do not crumble), stay on the brush and blend beautifully. The shades may look odd but they surprisingly contrast so well (like the Nars duo palettes).

The compacts are cute and the colours are vivid and versatile. They can be worn with a day look (as demonstrated above) or you can create smokey eyes for the evening. That’s something I am looking forward to trying.

I’ve never tried bareMinerals’ loose eyeshadows and to be honest, was dubious about how mineral based eye make-up would hold up  but this is love. They are long wearing (some of these pictures were taken after 6 hours). I used a primer and a base so the colours popped more but that’s just a habit of mine.

BareMinerals READY eyeshadow duos are priced at £19 and the quads are £29. They are available to buy at, in their Boutique stores and their concession counters.

*PR samples*