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I never thought I would see the day I would use FemFresh.  There you go, I’ve confessed. Well who admits to using a ‘feminine hygiene’ product? And what’s the point of it? If you keep yourself clean every day, you’re not likely to be aggravated ‘down there’, are you? And if you are, well sometimes the reasons are beyond your control and that’s when a trip to the GP or chemist is in order…or have I misunderstood the need for this product?

FemFresh, which has been repackaged and relaunched in a choice of 3 scents (the one above is enriched with cranberry oils), is safe enough to wash with so your lady parts won’t be agitated, which can often be the case with some soaps and gels that are highly perfumed. However the emphasis with FemFresh now is that it’s not just limited for ‘down there’, it is  a  shower cream for all over…so that’s less embarrassing.

It’s a very plain and simple wash, subtly scented but doesn’t linger on the skin. I reckon this product would be ideal post-pregnancy or indeed for anyone super-sensitive and at £3.49 for 250ml a  bottle, it will last a long time.

FemFresh also has a travel size available and interestingly wipes, which would be perfect for festivals although they should do handbag sizes for emergencies. How many times have you gone to the loo and there wasn’t any toilet roll? Precisely the case on South Beach when I was bursting to release the bladder. Too much? Sorry.

Come on then, do you use femine hygiene products or do you reckon it’s all a load of…?

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