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Area H20

Area H20 should rename itself to ‘Area H2Woah’. It’s a new hair care range free of fancy schmancy ingredients and instead addresses how the type of water in the area you live in affects the condition of your hair. Area H2O has been scientifically formulated by biochemists to work with your water type, not your hair type. It makes sense since you may have noticed how different your hair looks and feels wherever in the world (or the country) you are in. There is a useful illustration of the UK map on the bottles highlighting which areas are hard, medium and soft and it

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What I’m loving…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I wanted to share with you some things that I am really loving at the moment. I’ve never done a monthly favourites type post but there are so many things I’m enjoying using right now that I hoped this might be interesting. Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Serum.* I received this last year as a PR sample, loved it then, forgot about it for a bit, then rediscovered it and love it even more now. I think I was using this a lot over the Royal Wedding time as it reminds me of warm weather and Bank Holidays.

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