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Liz Earle Botanical Essence: Eau De Parfum No15

As the seasons change, so should your choice of fragrance and Liz Earle’s new scent is certainly one to be sniffed at. The follow-up to the floral fragrant No1, No15 is beautifully sensual, spicy and perfect to lift the autumn and winter blues. It’s made up of a blend of 15 precious botanicals (hence the name) and is packaged in a gorgeous cream box that cleverly folds out to reveal illustrations of the perfume’s 15 ingredients. It is one perfume box I would not discard easily – far too pretty. The feel and look of the bottle itself is elegant

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Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Special Edition

You may or may not know that Liz Earle has brought out a special edition Cleanse & Polish in rose and lavender in collaboration with the Prince’s Trust. If you are a fan of the iconic hot cloth cleanser, then I’m sure you will be interested in getting your mitts on this. I’ve used Liz Earle’s classic Cleanse & Polish many times and in comparison, I found the rose and lavender feels better to use. The lavender scent is very soothing and the cleanser is lusciously more creamy. I don’t use a muslin cloth any more but a hot flannel, which

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Twitter enablement

(this article was originally a guest post I did for Lauren Loves in August 2011) I’ve been thinking for a while about writing a post about Twitter enablement. It is an interesting phenomenon – a little online space where bloggers and friends get together to basically egg each other on to buy things (or so it feels!). A lot of my makeup collection has stemmed from people recommending or selling things on Twitter and I love the fact that you can stick out a message saying “I need a new lipstick, discuss!” and many excitable ladies (and some chaps) will take it

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