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Miss Merx’s manis

I keep staring at my nails…would you just look at them? Isn’t this the finest manicure you’ve seen? This is the work of Mercedez Merx aka Miss Merx, fellow beauty blogger and a freelance nail technician who doesn’t cut corners in her job and is passionate about keeping nails healthy. Mercedez

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OPI Beige-Jing

A few weeks ago, my company moved offices. Not far, just across the business park, but as moves go, apparently it was quite a stressful one. We are now sat in our shiny new offices, with a whole host of meeting rooms that have been named after Olympic cities. So

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OPI Euro-Mazing!

This has been in my scheduled posts for an absolute eternity and its only now that it has risen to the top of the pile. Quite appropriate really, as I understand there’s some kind of football going on at the moment. Apparently this is a really old discontinued polish –

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OPI Edin-Burgundy

I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment with these OPI British polishes. I don’t know why – they just seem to be at the top of all my unposted photos. Here we have Edin-Burgundy, which is jut a fantastic name. I’ve been to Edinburgh a couple of

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