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Today I’m sharing with you a new skincare product vying for your attention. Serum45* is a 45-day facial skin repair oil for the face and body that claims to repair and restore your skin overnight as well as help reduce the appearance of new and older scars. It’s also a British brand. But first allow me to enlighten you with the science bit. This facial oil uses something called PROlisseA technology. What’s that? It’s a brand new concept in hydration management, derived from sunflower seed oil and lupin seed coatings. PROlisseA has the ability to increase the synthesis of type

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Hylamide Booster Series

Maintaining a regular and stringent skincare routine is one thing, adding another product to the heaving regime is another so what do you reckon to using a skin booster? It’s the latest skincare addition, which as its name suggests, boosts the skin’s appearance depending on what your concerns are. Like your diet, your skincare changes through the year be it from the weather, hormones or stress so a skincare booster goes that extra mile. Hylamide Booster has a series of serums that tackle different needs and can be used as part of any skincare routine before moisturising and/or make-up. Over

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QVC’s TSV: Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold

Do you love Liquid Gold? Well I’ve got some great news for you. Tomorrow QVC’s TSV (Today’s Special Value) is going to feature none other than Alpha-H’s ludicrously superb Liquid Gold and I predict it will be a sell-out. To tie in with their 15th birthday year, you can grab yourself a 50ml, 100ml and 200ml bottle all for under £40. Normally this package would set you back £95. Liquid Gold has become one of my must-have skincare products so I’m not going to pass up on this opportunity. If you’re a fan too, I’m sure you won’t want to either. The offer

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