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Lottie London Brushes

I popped into my local Superdrug recently which has undergone yet another spot of feng shui to accommodate more make-up stands. One new addition to the line-up is Lottie London, a name that’s made quite a statement on the high street in the past few months. You may have noticed their make-up brushes which are recognisable by their colourful make-up brush handles. With prices ranging from £4.99 to £9.49 and the quirky colour scheme, it’s obvious this fresh new brand is marketed at the younger market though the brushes alone are one aspect of Lottie London which is appealing to

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I Love…: Cherry Almond Sparkle & Pink Marshmallow

Alrighty folks, I’m dishing up something new today. Well, it’s new to me as I’ve never tried these products before. I Love… is a range of potently scented bath and body products usually found on the shelves of Superdrug and also in Primark. Cruelty-free, skin-friendly and with no parabens, I Love… offers fruity and delicious fragrances to liven up any bathroom shelf and best of all, everything is very budget-friendly with prices averaging £2.99 a bottle. It’s practically free! I have noticed I Love… because the packaging and labelling is eye-catching, I just haven’t given the range much thought until I was sent

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GOSH Velvet Touch Matt lipstick review & swatches

We may be about to batten down the hatches for a cold winter forecast but GOSH have got some winter warmers in the form of their new Velvet Touch matt(e) lipsticks*. Before I start, why has the ‘e’ been dropped off ‘matt’? Why deviate from the spelling? Matt is short for ‘Matthew’. Any way. Velvet Touch lipsticks is an existing range but I can’t say I’ve tried the others so I have gone for these with a completely open mind. There are eight shades and with each one coming in at £6.99, you might feel inclined to grab several. A colour

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