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We are in the last month of 2014 so it is acceptable to make a start on the dreaded task of Christmas shopping but I think it’s easier than ever because there is such a vast selection to choose from.

Gone are the days when a department store wheeled out the generic, dull looking gift sets. Shops have well and truly upped their game to such a standard that you’ll find you will want something for yourself as well.

Superdrug was the first to nudge me when they challenged me to see how many presents I could buy for £20*.

I know Superdrug is fantastic for stocking fillers and Secret Santa inspirations but I didn’t expect this year’s offerings to be quite so impressive.

With prices ranging from £1.50 to £20 and big names from the likes of Real Techniques, Models Own and Make-Up Revolution putting together limited edition gift sets, there really is something for everyone and at great value for money.

So how did I do? I nailed it! I managed to get five gifts which totalled up to exactly £20 and here they are:

Minion soap on a rope (£2)
Who can say no to a minion? And this soap-on-a-rope is too cute to use. Maybe it can double up as a Christmas tree decoration?


Models’ Own nail set (£8)
Models Own has put together a collection of 4 eye-catching colours from its diamond luxe collection: Radiant Pink, Asscher Blue, Trillion Taupe and Carat Coral. Individually each nail polish retails for £4.99 yet here are 4 plus a double-ended cuticle pusher, which is currently on offer for a bargain-some £7.


Studio London Glass Nail Files (£2.50)
A pair of glass nail files by Studio London – a perfect stocking filler.


Love & Wilde Fragranced Candles (£4)
A set of three vanilla and honey scented miniature candles will make another great stocking filler.


I Love… Berrylicious Mini Box of Love(£3.50)
A cute box containing a bottle of bubble bath and shower creme and a moisturizing body lotion plus body puff.


I am definitely holding onto the minion soap but the rest will make wonderful presents, and each one is something I would like to receive so I reckon I chose well.

I hope this has given you some ideas of what’s on offer from Superdrug if you’re stumped for what to get for friends, family or colleagues. You can also peruse Superdrug’s website for other suggestions.

I also have some more great Christmas posts lined up so make sure you check in with Just Nice Things every day.

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Do you remember my friend, Helen (aka YouTuber Casual Beauty) who graced the pages of Just Nice Things a few weeks ago? Well Helen is back tackling another grooming product. Let’s see how she got on…

helen_casualbeautyukFacial hair. We all have it. It’s just that some people are blessed with hair so fine and translucent  that it’s barely visible to the naked eye while others are cursed with thick dark dark hair which, if not removed, results in monobrows, moustaches and sideburns. Obviously I being to the latter group or I’d have no need for facial waxing strips.

I’d tried wax strips a teenager but didn’t get on with them. It seemed that my unwanted hair very much wanted to remain attached to my face and no cheap own brand waxing strips were going to change their mind.  So, I embarked on long and tumultuous menage a trois with a Lady Bic and a pair of tweezers, until I discovered the miracles that can be worked on facial hair by certain talented ladies with a magical piece of thread.


However, parting with upwards of £20 to have someone rip the hairs from you face gets old very quickly and I was lured away by the bright pink candy striped packaging of a new brand of facial strips by SweetEase*. 

That said, I did find a problem. For the wax strips to work properly they need to have a decent length of hair to grip onto, and this means refraining from all other forms of hair removal for two weeks to give the hair a chance to grow!

Now I’m not saying I let it ALL grow out. There was some plucking of my eyebrows  but I let everything else grow out like a 1970s feminist. (Us modern feminists have no problem with beauty and grooming – your body, your choice). HELLO, SIDE BURNS, HEY, MOUSTACHE! Thanks  for visiting but now it’s time for you to leave…


The SweetEase pack contains pairs of soft paper strips loaded with wax which you are instructed to hold between your palms to allow the wax to melt before pulling the strips apart.

You know how a watched pot never boils? Well it’s the same thing when you are trying to warm these wax strips. It took ages and once I managed to separate them it was obvious that I hadn’t warmed them enough. My first attempt to use them on my face was a complete failure and not a single hair was removed.

For the second set of strips I decided against hand-warming and tucked them into my bra where they warmed up very nicely indeed. The strips separated easily and I had good hair removal results. The short, sharp pain was nothing more than you’d feel from plucking or threading and soon subsided.


There are after-wax wipes included too which help to clear up any remaining stickiness and there are easily enough strips to wax all of your problem areas with one kit. Thankfully also I did not suffer from any bad reaction to the strips but if generally if wax strips don’t agree with you then perhaps it’s wise to stay away from them.

For me SweetEase is no mess, no fuss and easy to use and definitely something I’d use again.  At £3.99 a pack, it is certainly a cost-effective product and I love the fact that it all comes in a nice and neat little package.  The strips are available for legs and the bikini area, and are exclusively available from Superdrug stores. For more information, visit