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Argan oil is a very big deal. It’s also an extremely precious oil. Not only because it’s been used for centuries in protecting and nourishing skin and hair, but because the argan tree only thrives naturally in the foothills of the Atlas mountains of Morocco and it takes a colossal amount of argan nuts to make a small bottle of oil.  I forget how many but it is A LOT. You will never find 100% pure argan oil in shops (it will cost too much for a start) and organic, natural argan oil is a bit whiffy too.

I know everyone and their mother has been jumping on the argan oil bandwagon but the Body Shop is an exception with their new Wild Argan Oil* Bath and Bodycare range. I would go as far as to say it’s my favourite from them. And I know I said this about Honeymania and the Gingerbread one but honestly, this one is the bomb.

There are a eight products in the collection and I’m sure you’ll want them all:

♥ Body Butter (200ml/£13)
♥ The Radiant Oil (150ml/£14)
♥ Bubbling Bath (250ml/£8)
♥ Rough Scrub (200ml/£13)
♥ Body Lotion  (250ml/£8)
♥ Shower Gel (250ml/£4)
♥ Miracle Solid Oil (50g/£8)
♥ Solid Oil Lips (20g/£4)

I got my hands on the Radiant Oil, the Body Butter, the Rough Scrub and the Miracle Solid Oil. The Radiant Oil is one I’ve been reaching for frequently, spraying it on my legs to give them a nice sheen but not in a shiny way. This is a dry oil that leaves skin looking silky and not a greasy residue so you can rest assured it won’t stain or absorb your clothes, or that you will have to wait an hour for it to dry.


The Rough Scrub defines a proper body scrub. It’s wonderfully gritty to polish the skin from head to toe and the Body Butter’s reputation needs no further explanation. The Miracle Solid Oil is a clever pot of goodness, perfect for smoothing onto extra dry areas like the elbows or heels. And everything smells beautiful. I’m not sure how to describe the scent of cosmetic argan oil – it’s not strong but it’s distinctive and won’t disappoint.


Once again the Body Shop’s commitment to the  Community Fair Trade programme is at the heart of the Wild Argan Oil collection, this time with Targanine,  a local cooperative created by women, for women to help find buyers for their oil and to help the industry develop in a positive way. Targanine is the Body Shop’s 26th Community Fair Trade partner as well.

Every sale of a Wild Argan Oil product directly empowers local Berber women, allowing them the ability and independence to provide for their families with a stable income while Targanine invests in social projects such as schools for children and adult learning, crèches and doctors’ visits to name but a few.

On holiday last year in Morocco I visited a Berber community and saw how the ladies make argan oil. Each stage of the long and arduous process they commit themselves to is traditionally done by hand and with absolute perfection from picking the fruits that have fallen from the argan tree, drying them, smashing the pulps open to extract the nuts before they are ground and pressed from which the oil is expelled from. This doesn’t include the time it takes for the fruit to be harvested. Also not a single bad nut will make it to the end – they can’t afford to contaminate the oil with a dud one.Tedious, manual, painstakingly slow. I will never take argan oil for granted when it’s made with such dedication, love and care.

The Body Shop’s range has had me reminiscing about my trip so I found my photos of how argan oil is made and thought I’d share them with you:

atlasmountains arganoil1 arganoil3 arganoil2 arganoil4 arganoil6 arganoil5

Wild Argan Oil is love. It’s a wonderfully enticing range and is a little bit of hammam heaven in your bathroom. Now I want to go back to Morocco.

The Wild Argan Oil collection from the Body Shop is out now nationwide and online.

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I think it’s safe to say we are going to have a summer this year judging by the fine weather the spring season has brought us. I’ve brought down the electric fan from the attic and pulled out my summery dresses, tops, skirts and hats. With that also brings change to our beauty wardrobes and something of a first are these refreshing Body Sorbets from the Body Shop.

Honestly, these are genius! They come in four fruity flavours – Strawberry, Mango, Peach and Satsuma (not pictured) and one floral scent, Moringa and are instantly cooling on application to the skin without that horrible sticky sensation. Like I said, genius! Imagine using these on a hot, sticky day – it’s utterly blissful and soothing not to mention hydrating. I am fighting the urge not to eat this stuff, which let me say is confusing because it feels, looks and smells like sorbet!

The Body Sorbets contain 100% organic Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera from Guatemala and cost £7 each for a generous 200ml tube. I keep one in my drawer at work to moisturise my arms and legs because my office is like a sauna with no breeze coming in. My favourite is Grapefruit, simply because I love this citrus scent from the Body Shop.

I’ve no doubt these will do immensely well when they hit branches nationwide and online. The bad news is the Body Sorbets aren’t available till 16th July. Let’s hope there isn’t an unexpected heatwave before then.

*PR samples