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Daniel Sandler eyeshadow quads

When I was at UMAe a few months ago, I bumped into Daniel who spontaneously decided to do a quick smokey eye look for the day time. I’ve had Daniel’s eyeshadow quads sitting in my drawer for a while (I’m sorry, Daniel!) but at the weekend, I finally got round to having a play with them for an easy-peasy smokey look. Before I talk about the actual make-up, it must be said that the cases for these quads are the best I’ve come across in a long while. They’re solid, feel secure and shut firmly. You’d never have to worry about

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Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Fluid Blusher

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting make-up artist Daniel Sandler. One product I’ve heard great things about is his Watercolour Fluid Blusher. Watercolours reminds me of my art lessons which was my favourite thing to do in art classes so the idea of watercolours for the face sounded great. But what ones would I try? There are 10 shades in total. Daniel suggested ‘Spicey’ would be perfect for my skin tone. It’s a lovely peachy pink shade that gives me an instant warm glow. It is a very runny liquid (well its name should suggest that)

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