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The trouble with Inglot gel liners…


Over the months I’ve accumulated a spectrum of gel liners by Inglot. The latest purchase is red and I discovered I haven’t even opened the lime green one found in my make-up storage drawer.

They are highly intense in pigmentation, thicker in consistency, apply smoothly in one swoop and cost less than the popular MAC Fluidline range. The black (#77) is the blackest of black in a matte finish and it’s true that once on these gel liners don’t budge.

But a massive problem with them is they split or crack down the middle. Always. Within a month or thereabouts. Keeping the lids tightly shut makes no difference. The texture of the pots is thick so that may explain the inevitability of the gel liner drying up.


Regardless of this, it is so annoying when you add up the total cost but also it never happens with other gel liners whether they are the budget ones or the high-end choices so why does Inglot’s formula fall apart?

Purely by chance I was cleaning my brush with Clarins’ latest eye make-up remover with its oil-based properties which made Inglot’s gel liner more manageble so perhaps this is one way of dealing with the dryness. Is it true glycerine would also help?

Let me know what you think and how you have managed to combat the problem if you use Inglot’s gel liners. I don’t want to have to throw these away.

Inglot’s gel liners cost £10 from their only UK store in Westfield London or www.inglotuk.com.

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“The trouble with Inglot gel liners…”

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