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Zoya Neeka

When I first saw some swatches of Zoya’s Smoke & Mirrors collection, it was apparent to me that I absolutely needed Neeka. it was the stand-out shade of the release for me, and I stomped my feet and waited impatiently for it to become available on eBay.

Can you see why? It’s absolutely and utterly gorgeous. I haven’t been this excited about a nail polish since oooh, I don’t know – last week? In all seriousness though, how’s this for a piece of perfection?

Neeka applied in two coats and I had absolutely no cleanup to do. I’ve said it before -Zoya brushes love my nails for some reason and I get on really well with them.

In the bottle this shows more pink than you actually see on the nail. It’s a shame actually as the bottle makes it look even better than it actually is, but what you do get is a smoked-out grurple that is packed with tiny flecks of gold. It’s not glitter, as it certainly wasn’t tricky to remove, but little flakey bits of shimmer.

I don’t know any purple nail varnish lover who wouldn’t want this in their collection. It is totally unusal and unlike anything I’ve ever had before. My only criticism is that it didn’t wear terribly well. Neeka is a bit of a peeler, and started to come away from the sides of my nails after I’d had it on after a couple of days. I can’t remember which topcoat I was wearing over it but I might change this to Nubar Diamont next time as that always gels well with Zoya.

So what do you think? Is there a place for Neeka in your collection?


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